Who is the cleverest politician in India?

Answer by Sharmilli Priyadarsini:

I would say, the cleverest politician in India is Ms.J.Jayalalitha. After the death of MGR, the party AIADMK had suffered severe groupism, Janaki front and Jayalalitha front. Even though Janaki Ramachandran, wife of MGR, succeeded him as the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, She could not last long in the post. Tamilnadu saw general elections in 1989 , which was a huge set back to AIADMK, the party that remained unbeatable until MGR's death. Ms.Jayalalitha, who chosen as the leader of opposition has been humiliated by DMK members (The Revenge Of Draupadi ) in the assembly during the budget session of 1989, challenged the ruling DMK that she will step into the Assembly only as the Chief minister and not otherwise. The assembly elections in 1991 gave Ms.Jayalalitha and her party a huge victory, this time the fissures in the party was fixed and she sworn in as the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu for the first time. Her first tenure from 1991-1996, was not very good in terms of administration and it costed her loose the assembly elections in 1996 to DMK, but She established herself as a powerful politician.

Although she was summoned by the courts on various cases and arrested in Dec 7 1996, the role played by her to dissolve Vajpayee's government in 1999 established her as an invincible icon in Indian politics. Her party did not do well in the Loksabha elections but managed to sweep the polls in the 2001 assembly elections ,which made her the Chief Minister again. Her administration during 2001 to 2006 is quiet laudable , in spite of the facts that she handled the government officials strike with the iron arms, that resulted in suspension and arrest of thousands of government officials under TESMA; During the same tenure, Mr.Karunanithi was arrested and later released for the controversy in building flyovers; She stepped down as Chief Minister for a term of six months due to the charges on her over inappropriate assets case. But she managed to nullify every barrier that came on her way. She has introduced many visionary schemes like rain water harvesting, free cycles for the students, Girl child protection scheme and other women welfare schemes during this tenure.

She has lost the assembly elections of 2006, but she made a huge come back in 2011 elections and her government successfully fulfilled its promises to the people by issuing free mixer, grinder and fans, laptop to the higher secondary students, 4 grams gold & 25000  to the newly marrying needy women etc. This tenure of her had a big villain to fight with, the scarcity of electricity in state, which she has managed to bring down for a notable scale. AIADMK has now emerged as the third largest party in the Lok sabha elections 2014.

After being convicted for inappropriate assets case , she stepped down as the Chief minister, succeeded by Mr.O.Panneerselvam. When the critics are on real high discussing the downfall Ms.Jayalalitha's political career, she managed to get the bail in historic 21 days time and released from the jail. The only good news for her opponents is that she cannot contest in assembly elections for the next 10 years unless she win over the charges against her. For this one question if she can win against her charges, only time has the answer.

Nevertheless, Ms.Jayalalitha, the actor turned politician has multiple talents, a multilingual personality who could fluently speak 5 languages, a straight forward, brave decision maker, an able administrator is the cleverest politician in India. Of course, she is the rare combination of beauty and intelligence. She has nullified so many charges against her and emerged victorious like a Phoenix from every failure.

Who is the cleverest politician in India?

What should the rest of India learn from Tamilians/Tamil Nadu?

Answer by Sharmilli Priyadarsini:

1) Tamilians do not complain much about food habits of the places they are settling in. They share the love for food, almost all cusines.
2) Talk less and do more is something we follow meticulously. One thing I have been noticing everyday in diverse software industry.
3) Passion and devotion for the language, Tamizh. Like many others I completely agree with this and we are completely aware of the fact that the language is just a tool of communication and not knowledge.

PS. the culture and habits has been changing due to westernization , due to which the authenticity of any civilization tend to evolve and so does Tamilnadu. Also note, Chennai alone is not tamilnadu :)

What should the rest of India learn from Tamilians/Tamil Nadu?

Changing your kendo grid’s row colour on selecting your rows

Dear readers,

It has been a while since my last technical post. This time, I am going to blog about a very common row colouring functionality using kendo grids. With a little bit of styling knowledge and JQuery, we are very good to go.

Kendo UI Controls are provide us a high degree of user interactiveness by making use of the best features of HTML5, CSS3, AJAX and JQuery for developing state of art mobile and desktop web applications. I will demonstrate the colour changing functionality with my working sample created in JS fiddle.



in the javascript section and css section of the fiddle, you will be able to follow the script with inline annotation .

Hope it helps, Happy Learning!!!

Your moment of Independence in life!

Happy Independence day!!!

I am asked to write about the moment of Independence in life, commemorating the 67 years of Indian Independence. I would like to share my thoughts on the topic through this post.

The moment of independence in life, according to me, is the moment you have exercised what your mind and body have asked you to do. We breathe, eat, sleep, speak, and think, whenever we want to. Even these small moments are the moments of independence in life.

There was a time, when the harijans were not able to walk on the roads; There was a time, when the people following same religion were not able to enter inside the temples in the name of untouchability; There was a time, when press is considered a sin fearing the facts would grow enmity against the government; There was a time, when the British bureaucracy and anarchy had a upper hand and acted ruthlessly by stealing the freedom, pride and thoughts of people. Thanks to Indian independence from British, we are a democracy now, the government that is of the people, by the people and for the people as quoted by Abraham Lincoln. You have freedom over many more verbs than before.

Now, Let us post ourselves a question based on the definition on the moment of independence in life, “Provided the act is lawful, are we able to do what we want to do?”. Your answer may be yes, you may tell me,”The social media”, “The right to information act”. Now, let me make a slight change to the question, “Are you able to express your opinions to the intended audiences?”, Now the answer goes little sneaky because our society is ruled by money and you cannot address over the public issues due to the fear of people in power. The governments have changed, from dynasty to bureaucracy; bureaucracy to democracy and so are the problems of the people. The fight for independence is always on, the cause changes, in order to widen verbs over which you have real access.

Let us continue the fight for freedom for the real causes and at the same time, lets be sensible about the freedom we are given with. Jai Hind!!!

Retrieving complex types from Entity Framework while using Temp tables in Stored Procedures

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In this post let us see how to retrieve the complex types from the Entity Framework while projecting the records of temp table in the Stored Procedure.Click on the image for the detailed explanation on each step.

Hope it helps. Happy Coding!!!



மலைபோலல்ல மணல் குவியலாய் கொஞ்சமுண்டு ,
பொருட்செல்வம் உண்டு!
பெரிதாய் வணிகத்தில் வந்ததல்ல,
மழையும் புயலும் வெயிலும் தாண்டி,
மலை வாழைப் பொதியை குதிரையேற்றி ,
மேடும் பள்ளமும் வெள்ளமும் தாண்டி,
வணிகம் செய்து சிறுகச் சேர்த்தது !
மண்ணுக்கு நீரோடு வியர்வை பாட்சி,
பயிர் வளர்த்து சேர்த்த கொஞ்சம் உண்டு !

தன்னலம் பெரிதாய் பார்த்ததில்லை ,
தலைகனம் கொஞ்சமிருந்தால் தவறுமில்லை
குணம் தாராளமாய் வாய்த்ததனால் !
செம்மையை சொல்ல வார்த்தையில்லை ,
அவர் பண்பினை வாழ்த்த வயதுமில்லை !
நன்றாய் பயின்று பட்டம் பெரும் வயது,
அதில் குடும்பப் பொறுப்பு மொத்தமும் சுமந்து,
பிள்ளையாய் உடன்பிறந்த பேரை வளர்த்து,
பெரியதாய் ஆளாக்கி கடமைகள் செய்தவர் !

மலைபோல் மனிதமும்,
மாந்தரிடை செல்வாக்கும் ,
சுனைபோல் வள்ளலும் ,
எளிமையின் உருவும் ,
அணையென நன்னெறியும்,
உருவெனத் திகழும் ஒருவர் !

How to generate dynamic repeating controls and providing unique ids using HTML and JQuery?

Hi Folks,

It has been a long time, Hope everyone is doing great.

In this post I am writing about how to generate dynamic repeating controls and providing unique ids using HTML and JQuery. You will come to know how to create a multiple list of controls, that will be created when you click on add button, and then providing unique ids to them. I am assuming you have referenced JQuery libraries in your page already.Let us jump to the steps.

  • Inside the html body tag part, declare a div and give its id as “divDynamic”.

<span id=”btnAddNew”>Add New</span>

<div id=”divDynamic”></div>

  • Create another div that is set to display none and its id is going to be “divTemplateContainer”. This is going to have all the controls that are going to be repeated.

<div style=”display:none” id=”divTemplateContainer”>

<input type=”text” id=”textbox”/>

<input type=”text” id=”textbox1″/>


  • Now, we need to regenerate the controls on click of “Add New”. So, inside the script tag, write a Jquery click event for the btnAddNew, where fetch the inner html of the template and append it to the divDynamic. Once after appending pass the container id and index and replace the ids as given in the “GetElementInsideContainer” method.


var Index = 0;

$(“#btnAddNew”).click(function () {

var template= $(“#divTemplateContainer”)[0].innerHTML;
var domText = ‘<div id=”template’ + Index + ‘”></div>';
if (template!= “”) {
$(“#template” + Index ).append(template);
GetElementInsideContainer(“template” + Index , Index ); /*Call the action by passig the div id and the index*/
Index ++;


/*Change the ids within the template on the fly*/
function GetElementInsideContainer(containerID, index) {
var elm = {};
var elms = document.getElementById(containerID).getElementsByTagName(“*”);
for (var i = 0; i < elms.length; i++) {
if (elms[i].id) {
$(“#” + elms[i].id).attr(“id”, elms[i].id + index);


Hope the above steps saves your time. Happy coding!