First love

Radha - Krishna's first love!!!

Radha – Krishna’s first love!!!

The 1st Look

The heavens, came down to wish me, for your first sight!!!

The moment, I was taken off, my flight!!!

Dreams about my dream!!!

Thinking of you my Dream!!! and

Dreaming of you my Dream!!!

Thinking of you my Tears!!! and

Crying for you with fears!!!

Thinking of you my Smile!!! and

Looking for you to Smile!!!

I fear, i miss you!!!

All the day and!!!

across the week and!!!

along the month and!!!

over the years and!!!

Throughout my life!!!!!

I fear i miss you!!!

The fantasy!

The dreams that brought us closer and closer than ever!!!

Tons and tons of joy that took me with you to a new born

With you, I lived my life full, till my last breath there!!!

The Departure!

My Destiny!!! You are just a dream!!!!

A dream that became a day dream!!!