20 things i learned about browsers and the web

Great things in simple language……

The internet era has changed almost everything in the world starting from the morning tea behind the newspapers to the busy shopping in the crowded streets. Thanks and congratulations to internet for impacting so much in our  lives.

It would be great and cool, if we are aware of the off-screen working in addition to our routine web life. There are so many voluminous lumpy books that taught those things to the engineers and technologists. But I could see a great work behind the covers of “20 things I learned about browsers and the Web” , wonderfully illustrated by Christoph Niemann. The book is powered by the Google chrome team.

The book covers the whats? , whys?, wheres?, whos? ,whens? and hows? of the internet world in nomadic terms. The book took me back to my kinder-garden days with colorful pictures on the slate. Its not only the voice of simplicity but also the rich contents, presentation, animations and interactive techy pages that would certainly speak.


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