The facebook fever…..

The trends are revolving around social networking these cloudy days, especially Face book. It has been a swan song for the people for various reasons starting from entertainment, games, causes, relationships, fan pages, applications, organizing events to business promotions. Its a wonderful boon that connects the corners of the world. Hats-off  to  Mark Zuckerberg for his mastery and crafty work on the world’s browser.

This has been the largest visited social networking site for the past 2 years trailed by MySpace and Twitter. Also it stands at #4 in overall popularity as of 2010.

People are using facebook primarily to connect with friends and to share their photographs. What makes facebook outshine flickr and picasa in its functionality ? Obviously, it is the facebook’s  simple interface and Community strength owing to its popularity.

How about the tweety, is it on the track for the race? Though twitter differs in its functionality, the growth of facebook becomes a nightmare that shrinken the popularity of twitter.

Though facebook did not bother much about the themes it is constantly focused on innovations and added features. Apart from all these fabulous facts, the use of facebook should be ethical and secured.Its always good to be precautionary.

How long will this fever last? What can be the next big change? Only the time can answer these!!! Happy and safe social networking!!!


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