My experience with Classle is a knowledge sharing website with a noble motto “Learning is social“. The site gives you the right to express your views on your subjects of interests, learn from the peer users, raise your doubts in the subjects, Propose your innovative project ideas , Develop and manage your projects, Attempt quizzes, Download and Listen to classy video lectures from world class professors, and so on.



The site facilitates you to publish your contents in the form of text with interactive online text editors, documents, Collection of images, audios, videos, quizzes, schedule and execute your projects. If you love to help people with your knowledge, you can certainly do that by volunteering yourself as expert in subjects of your interest. Classle offers you career guidance and soft skills resource center, discussions etc.There is something called “learning circle” in classle that would let you create your learning groups and share your resources and discuss within the scope of the group.

The Feature called Campus classle is a unique brand new feature of classle that provides an institutional profile for every member institution and facilitate student-teacher interactions, resource sharing , submitting assignments etc.

I am on Classle for 1 year and 30 weeks, as of today. Classle gave me a motivating and encouraging ground to express my views and share my thoughts. Obviously, Classle is my Confidence booster and skill developing engine that gave me lots of precious credits to cherish, especially the internship in IIT-Madras.Thanks to Classle.

I wish classle to reach great heights and spread its feathers throughout the nations . Happy knowledge sharing folks !


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