I am suffering from ANDROmania

I am going crazy with Android gadgets these day and would love to code the Andro-centric apps.What’s so special in it! aren’t you wondering?

In the first hand, Android adds comfort to the users with its look and feel over the cool touch screen devices. It is the simplicity, flexibility, and availability that makes android so popular in the app development world. Technically speaking, Its android’s multi-tasking ability and open source nature going to rule the other Mobile operating systems. Possibly, you can find out the reasons for here : http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/gadgets/reviews/4284532

When it comes to the features of Android, its purely an open-source and the developers can host their apps from the Android Market.Interestingly, most of the applications are available for free. Android is available with electronic gadgets of varying price ranges and comparatively cheaper than I-phone and Symbian devices.