My dear android,

After owning my LG P-500, I am always into it. The pre-packed apps with my device are AG Indian Newspapers: a supreme package of International,National and Regional newspapers , Aldiko: Library that allows you to download and manage your e-books, LG’s App Advisor and Installer, Bollywoodji: updates Bollywood stuffs , Facebook, Twitter, Maps: that guide you to places and provides information of nearest petrol stations, restaurants,ATMs etc., Photofunia, PNR status checker that checks the Rail information, Gtalk etc.
LG p-500
Apart from the above applications, the Android market allows you to search for the packages of your choices and needs for sale as well us for free of cost.The categories of android market includes All applications: library of all the categories, Books and references: collection of e-book managers, wikis, bibles in various languages etc, Business: houses the apps like task managers, budget managers, job seekers etc, Communication, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Health and Fitness, Lifestyle, Live wallpaper, Media and Video, medical, Music and audio, News and Magazines, Personalization, Photography,Shopping, Social and so on.
My favorite android applications are Thrutu that enables sharing photos, location and notes during the call, Seesmic a complete social networking manager, Picasa tool that manages my web albums on picasa, Barcode Scanner that scans the bar-codes and search the product on the web, Offline dictionaries provides an interface to manage multiple dictionaries of various languages and can be used even if your phone is offline, Maps that could guide you when you are void about the destinations, Droid wallet – A complete budget management tool, WordPress for blogging and the Angry Birds to kill my time.


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