What is the next Buzz word after Cloud Computing?

I am planning to cover my perspectives over Cloud computing’s WhatS and HowS through this post and give some views on the aftermaths of Cloud computing.

so, What is Cloud Computing?
Of course, it is the widely heard Buzz word in the technology world that is believed to take the business to the Internet generation with hand full of advantages. In technical terms, Cloud Computing is “Providing ‘IT as a Service’ through Internet on ‘Pay as you go’ basis.

What are the types of cloud?
Based on the business requirements and access to services, we can classify the Cloud as Public cloud (eg: Google docs), Private cloud (eg: NATO private cloud – more like Intranet) and Hybrid cloud (eg: Amazon EC2),in deed their definitions are explicit from their names.
Based on the kind of services provided, we can classify the Cloud into “Software As A Service (SAAS)” – eg: google docs, “Infrastructure As A Service(IAAS)” – eg: Amazon AWS and “Platform As A Service (PAAS)”- eg: google app engine. And of course, we have other things like “Analytics As A Service“.

How it works?
It is much similar to the IBM mainframes of 80’s.You can have access to your applications and data from a thin client like a computer or a laptop or your mobile device through the internet. All the data processing and execution is done remote by pool of machines so that you need not have highly configurated powerfull machines that costs in millions.The main advantages of Cloud computing are availability and Cost effectiveness.
But still, we have data security issues and Network outage issues, which will lead to the birth of “The Next Big Thing”.

What is the research trend after Cloud Computing?
PEERCLING – It is here to overcome the network outage issue quoted above. It is the Combination of the P2P and Cloud Computing that is aimed at providing the access to the application even when you are offline.All you need to have are peercling run-time environment and peercling apps downloaded on your tablets, mobiles and machines. Read more about peercling on “The next big thing after cloud computing: PEERCLING…


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