War between the Web giants – Facebook vs Google+

The war has begun!!! This time it is between the big giants of the Web world – Facebook vs Google. Facebook is ruling the minds of about 500 million people across the world and standing in the peak of popularity among other Social networks. We can call facebook, a reason for the failure of google and Microsoft’s attempts on social networking market with their products like Orkut, Google Buzz and livespace

This time, google comes out with “Google plus” after so much of learning from its past defeats. Google has the bright chances to take venges on facebook due to various reasons. Google has got more users compared to facebook already. So,it may rule the Social Networking world for the next few years with its brand new product “Google Plus”. Though it is not available for the use of everyone today, it has got very good popularity and very well reached among the user communities.

But still, we cannot expect an immediate slowdown to Facebook since most of the people are completely into it. Facebook is also coming out with new features like Video chat (powered by Skype) to challenge the google’s Newbie.

Trends will change and the people too! Let us wait for sometime to see the winner of the race!


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