The Acrobat show

I am not going to talk about the professionals’ gymnastics on the sky instead, the technology show in the high clouds by the Adobe corporation hosts several features on the cloud. Notably buzzword documents , tables, presentation, workspace sharing, file sharing, Screen sharing, video and audio conferencing, white board, phone calling(VoIP) , Forms, PDF convertor etc with rich and high quality user-interface, which is the trademark of the Adobe. It can utilize your computer hardware from the browser for remote desktop access, file sharing and video conferencing provided with the latest version of Adobe flash player.

What makes acrobat so cool? Is it the appearance, the innovative applications, the user interface or the simplicity? The high quality User-Interface, in par with the quality technology makes it really realy interesting. Acrobat’s Software As A Service package offers the complete Entreprise colloboration package. Yes, It is yet another Giant Leap by Adobe.


Microsoft Virtual Labs

As we all know, Virtualization is the technology that provides ability to run several instances of operating systems of various flavours in one hardware. Here I am about to write about Microsoft’s virtual Labs powered by Microsoft’s Hypervisor, “Hyper-V” a virtualization software.

Are you sick of spending your time on setting up the environment for learning a new technology? are you finding it difficult to work practically the concepts you learn? Would you like to play in a virtual environment with up to date editions of hardware and software? If yes is your call, Go for Microsoft Virtual labs to learn the budding technologies.











These labs could provide you several features like virtual labs, practice manuals, latest software to work and learn, trouble shooting and ample time to practice on your labs.Check out the screenshots of them to feel the excitement.






Unleash the power of virtualization and advanced learning into your browser