The Most invincible applications, I cannot live without!

The past few years have shown us a big leap in the technology world. It was few years ago, people spoke a lot about cloud computing, Virtualization, Text mining, surface computing and a lot more. Though R&D and Business communities are highly synchronized with these technology trends, the B-word changes from Cloud Computing to Smartphone which houses a lot of attractive and highly essential features. To be exact, Smartphones are the union of good things in all the above listed trends of past years like Cloud, Virtualization,  Virtual reality, Text mining and so on. The researches are reaching a new height, looking to bring in the processing power of super computers to the hand-held smart phone. Thanks to Google for its highly open Android that brought down the prices of the smartphones and made accesible to people from various economic layers and thanks to Apple for its highly innovative piece, Iphone for making the Big trend in reality.

I see smartphones as all-rounders that can entertain me with AVs, Guide me to places, teach me things, communicate with the society, keep me very close to my loved ones, plan my tours, record my memories, game around and even, it can talk back to me (Siri). I wanted to share my favourite applications without which i cannot live (Of course, facebook and twitter are default favourites 😛 )

I give Evernote the first rank, because it follows me, wherever i go. Wonderful piece of innovation that can keep track of all my stuffs starting from my minutes of meeting, to-dos, pictures, schedules, reminders, library notes and lot more. Salutes to evernote for its Platform-independent Memory-As-A-Service that synchronizes my account wherever I log. I feel, it can be much better if it has an implicit alarm and Forms housed.

The other application which is very close to my heart is Photobucket. An easy way to maintain and share all your pictures online. In my understanding and experience, I have never seen a photo-management tool as flexible, as simple and as effective as Photobucket. It’s instant syncronization to your smart phone camera clicks and Social sharing are highly notable.

I always wanted to recommend Stumbleupon for those who are into blog-reading as a hobby. Stumble upon could suggest you the articles based on your personal interests which varies from technology to kitchen. This will never let you miss any of the recent update in your area of interests.

Skitch, another piece by Evernote corporation that enable you to edit pictures and share them to the social networks. This become my favourite because, I do a lot of story boarding and self-analysis.

Offline dictionaries, is something I really love, just because it has shown me cool so many times 😉 I often get into trouble, while reading high-end language. Unless I do not have this little repository, I will be puzzled at most of the times. Thanks to you!

There is a default application that came along with my LG P-500, called AG Indian Newspapers. I always love to know the country’s happening and the trends. This application stand by me and list me most of the Indian newspapers to choose from. It also has the World’s best newspapers in its Choice list.

Though the above applications are smart phone numbers, I have few web applications in my list those are equally special to me. ! If you are tired about the conventional Powerpoint presentations, prezi can give you the interest and keep the momentum going, while preparing the slides and also while making the presentation. It has the online presentation editor that allows shared editing. I can assure you, Prezi can help you make the presentations innovative and can add a lot of humour!

Dropbox, allows you to share and synchronize large files into your desktop’s folder. Whatever update is made in the folder it will synchronize to your cloud, whenever you get connected to the internet. So, No need to bother much about the low-speed internet and download failed error, Good news to me!

Google docs, made its way right in the start of the talks about the cloud computing and inspired the market to go for Cloud in the very early stage of the technology. Google is still adding a lot of features to it apart from the basic docs,presentations, excel. The recent Forms and Drawing are also attractive.

Acrobat.Com, adobe’s cloud initiative with really rich user interface and really rich features can never fail to impress its users. The feature rich web application has all the good features of Google docs and added rich sharing experience that ensures collaboration at work. Adobe connect is a part of it, a Web conferencing tool.

Thanks to technology for being so close to me and inspiring me!


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