Computers, my soulmates!

I remember the summer 5 years back, a computer illiterate kid of 17, came out of her environment boundary to learn Microsoft office 2003, internet and programming with C. That was my very first time, i started to understand the potential of a machine that can create beautiful drawings,do those tough math problems and few more fascinating things. The fire and love for computers started there.In fact, i laugh at myself whenever i recollect my debate with one of my uncles, aggressively against the computers. Wondering how much i have changed drastically!

I find no big difficulty in understanding the concepts after entering my college. Digital computer fundamentals and Programming with computers are the two subjects in first year, i loved and i was being loved (by the subjects and also the lectures πŸ™‚ )! That was the period of transition of my affinity from science and English to Computers. Though i did not own my own computers then, i usually dream at the hardware parts and fascinated.

The love and passion for computers multiplied and followed me when i owned my first laptop, LG X-Note with windows vista. Though there is a huge talk about the vista’s failure and bug banks, the beautiful User interface impressed me. I am someone who love to experiment things, especially gadgets. The curiosity grows exponentially after owning my lappy. Thanks to Dhinamalar’s computermalar, a Tamil weekly supplementary that came out every Monday. I am a crazy follower of the magazine that taught me a lot about troubleshooting software problems and updated so many things about the software releases. My parents are equally interested in collecting the weekly for me. My college’s wi-fi’s bandwidth is maximum utilized by me. I tried enough number of softwares with my soulmate, I read a lot about computers and even experimented with enough number of operating systems starting from vista, windows xp, ubuntu, suse, fedora, BOSS, debian, knoppix and few more on my direct hard-disk. Can you imagine, how crazy i had been! I made my lappy sick enough to make it unrecoverable! I remember a crazy conversation with one of my best friends, as follows:
“Shaba: what will you do when you have your kid crying next to you while you are working with your system!
Sharmi: i will take care of my kid once i am done with my computer! (Crazy punk)
Shaba:Then do one thing, don’t marry at all. I don’t want your kid and Hubby to suffer under the hands of merciless computer.” LOL :p
I cried and missed my computer as if i have lost my first love! That is also the first and last time, i shouted at my dad (periyapa), for not fixing my machine! Thanks to cloud storage with Google docs and adobe acrobat that have most of my syllabus materials collected for exams. Thanks to Suba for lending me her computer till i owned my new lenovo ideapad!

It was during January, i saw and worked with Apple and mac during my internship in IIT-Madras with my steena. Thanks to classle for the offer! I bought my new lap again in the end of February 2011, a day before my interview with Hexaware, that turned lucky for me πŸ˜‰ now no more direct OS installations instead tasting the flavors in my oracle virtual box!
My first smartphone is also from LG! The experiment continues πŸ™‚


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