My wait for the periodicals’

Few people find it comfortable with full length stories and books, and few others, like me, feed on editorials, magazines and short stories. I am going to blog about my wait for the next editions of periodicals that drove me crazy.

It started when i was in kindergarten (if i remember right!) , my mother used to read for me from Siruvarmalar, a weekly supplementary with dhinamalar for kids. The range of stories varies from ancient history. India before independence, moral stories, facts and current affairs and so on. The curiosity has grown along with me through my schooling. The beautiful part about the weekly is the sections those hosted the pictures of unseen flora and fauna, antique crafts, precious gems and a lot more. I used to nag my mom for bedtime stories and challenge at dinners for the same, ever since an infant of five 🙂 Thanks to my mom for standing the mischievous me! Interestingly, I have never missed a fight with my dad for reading the newspapers  on Sundays 🙂
As I grow with age, i felt the warmth in the computer related articles came out every Monday as computermalar! Honestly, yesterday’s computermalar is more like today’s digit to me! It made me more practical than ever! I used to read in completely in a day or two and wait for the Monday to come 🙂 Thanks to the weekly for being my trigger!

How can I not remember the competitive me, who fight hard with Steena for the morning newspaper and the educationplus from Hindu! Opportunities column is also my favorite then!
Now, after coming to hexaware, the war is with the librarian for the digit. The sad part is i cannot barrow the current editions of the magazines and so i need to wait for a month! (by then, i will finish almost all the pages by reading from the library :p )


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