The darker side of the wonder

Being netizens, most of us give a lot of importance to the social networking and blogging sites. I am about to pendown the adverse things that can affect you psychologically and personally during this journey.

There are few things we need to be cautions about, before posting information on to the web! Remember, the traits you leave there exist forever. Make sure it is not going to lead you into troubles of any means. Don’t disclose your complete identity on the web that can become hackers’ apple! To be exact, it easy for anybody to use the information without laboring much. Selective and careful content posting on the web could make the journey plesant without a big pain.

Stay out of infamous websites! I urge, not even for the sake of experimentation. Those are huge loss for our productivity, divinity and discipline. I bring all the public chatting sites and porn websites into this infamous category. Morals are the most important characteristics that deserves 100% no compromise. Fight hard to keep your morals especially, on the internet.

Privacy is worth considering! I realized it when one of my friends said ,”what is the difference between your close ones and others, when you disclose everything about you on social networks!” Give it some thought.

Keep an eye on the time you spend on social networks. To be exact, spend time with your family and friends. There is no substitute for their love, trust and presence!

Remember and remind yourself, your ultimate goal and aim of life. That can always lift you from the pits. Internet identity is not a sin, unless you use it as a productive tool and allow you to preserve your self-control!


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