Another person, I am indebted to!

There are so many good hearts, who shaped me in the past and molding me every day into a better person( really! 😉 ). I used to express my thanks and gratefulness to those people in every possible occasion, I am gifted with. But still, i have left out one of those beautiful beings, who has changed my view on the society. I am very thankful to those talkative nights spent together. Her stories about the life in city and the way she explained real modernity helped me a lot in overcoming my inherent obstructions!
So many debates, so many discussions, so many agrees and so many disagrees involved in our talks!

She encouraged me a lot in finding my pace in GVG. It is her and only her, who gave me enough room to breath in the two years of misfortune! I was inspired by her clear flow of thoughts and the view of modernity. She always had a habit of appreciating people for their good that gave me the much needed inspiration to prove my real self!

My salutes to the kid from the garden city, who had been very flexible and adoptive! The pencil accident is something i am feeling sorry for, even today! Roopini, thanks for being on my side!


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