Build your own cloud with Eucalyptus

I want to have a reminder for myself and share for the use of others, those things i dug about building a private cloud using Eucalyptus. Through this post I have planned to cover the idea of Cloud Computing, Significance of building a private cloud, and finally about building the Eucalyptus cloud.

“Providing IT as a service through internet in Pay-as-you-go basis” is the crispiest defenition for Cloud Computing. Software-As-A-Service (SAAS), Storage-As-A-Service, Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IAAS), Platform-As-A-Service(PAAS) are the popular cloud offerings. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its Elastic Cloud Computing Model (EC2) model has occupied a huge market of IAAS to form the Hybrid cloud. Eucalyptus is a similar kind of Open Source Model that helps you to build your own Private cloud within your infrstructure.The major advantages of the private cloud are cost-effectiveness, high efficiency and security.

Eucalyptus stands for Elastic Utility Computing Architecture Linking your Programs to Useful Systems. The model is almost synonymous to the Amazon cloud and provide compatibility with the latter.








The Eucalyptus installation process is very simple.The Architecture of Eucalyptus constitutes of three layers, viz Cloud Controlers, Cluster Controlers, Node Controlers along with the Client side API translater. You can simply install Eucalyptus contollers to the machines in one click to form the three layers to emulate the private cloud. Find more about Eucalyptus and its similarities and differences with Amazon Cloud in the presentation embedded.


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