Childhood mischiefs

Childhood is the only no regret stage of human life span. The childhood mischiefs are the most cherished memories too. Steeling the neighbor’s pencil, eating the slate pencils, skipping the lines in the homework passages and sometimes the home-works :P, gang fights with classmates,forging the dad’s signature(Sorry dad, I am not that bold to confess it to you even today) in the answer sheets for scoring low šŸ˜› and a lot more.I cannot imagine how mischievous I had been! Those silly mistakes often teach us valuable lessons to carry through our lives.I thought of sharing with my readers my unforgettable childhood mischiefs.

My nayna(dad) was strict gentle man and we people obey and respect him so much. On an evening. when I was around the age of seven, I came home after my tuition. My amma was telling one of our guests that my nayna was not home then.My Eldest brother’s voice and physic resembles nayna a lot. I thought my brother was sleeping on the cot and I punched his tummy till he suffer, asking him to get up since it was too early to sleep (I was too close and friendly to him then!). Later I realized that it was my nayna out of his usual stiff laughter! Geezzzz…. I thought I was finished!But he did not react over this later. I came to know that amma was telling the guest that he was not home just because nayna was taking some rest due to head-ache!

This time, the biggest sin ever! Santhosh, my younger brother and I used to fight for anything and everything. Santhosh(my younger brother) was in UKG and I was in Second standard at JAM School, Pannaikadu. He was brighter and better than me and always took an edge over me in his curriculum till his third standard. One day, we both had a usual long fight and I was waiting for a revenge over him. I came to know that he got his rank card that day and decided to seize it. That was the first time, we bought our washing machine. It was packed and even then, I managed to play with the buzzer buttons! I hide rank card behind the washing machine! I forgot the same as few weeks left without any question. One day, Santhosh’s class teacher called me and asked to look for his rank card immediately. We both left the school and we were searching for the rank card seriously. suddenly, the very sin came flashed my mind and so i looked for it behind the washing machine. The rank card was there and we brought it back to the school. Sorry Santhosh!

This incident happened when I was fourteen years of age. Again a rank card story! I started growing brighter and better as I grow. But accidentally , I did not meet the passing score in chemistry in one of the monthly tests, that resulted in poor grade then! After so many days of postponement, I managed to get it signed from my nayna, when he is rushing for some work out-stationed, telling him that I am ranked 3rd in the class (They followed grade system, S represent fail and the S on my grade sheet looked like 3!). Amma is too strict and scary, when it comes to education.That lie did not stop there! Whenever my monthly tests are over and the grade sheets come, I usually delayed a lot to get my rank card signed!and all other times, I managed to score D grade, that stood for distinction šŸ˜¦ Poor kid’s sin did not even let her small achievements acknowledged by her parents that year! The end of the year was a great relief then!

There are so many confessions yet to make and lot of learnings made!


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