If there can be a Virtual Computer, why not a Virtual Chair or a Car ?

This is an era of Portable Computers, where almost everyone owns a Mobile
Phone or a Smartphone. Once, we thought communication could be done only
through people; as the days passed, we moved to Telegraphs and telephony
wired media, followed by Radio and Television broadcasting through the
wired and wireless Satellite Communication. Nothing is permanent except the
Change, correct?

Most of us would have seen some interesting YouTube videos about the future
Computers like Pen Computers, Surface Computers, etc. If not, find those in
the Clips added below.

Pen PC:

Surface Computing:

Sixth Sense:

Actually, that is not the scope of this blog-post. I am not making sense,
right! This is to share a piece of idea for those who have enough time to
spare on R&D that may etch your names to the Future’s History books and
Science books like Edison’s, Newton’s or Marconi’s! This is to tell the
world about my prediction on Tomorrow, on the Virtual world. Sounds like a
science fiction, right? You saw the Pen-PC, right? When the GHz of
processing power and GBs of volatile storage is restricted to 5 pens, don’t
you think you can bring the mechanical strength to the virtual objects? I
may sound foolish, but my theory will possibly boom into reality very soon.

We, people believe in Newton’s third law. Aren’t we? At least when we slap
our neighbor, ’for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’!
Consider we have a virtual object, say a Chair that may just be a
collection of laser beam. What if there is an equal and opposite force of
same kind in every point where you give some force? Won’t it get some
mechanical Rigidness? Won’t it stop you from falling down when you sit in
it, when Newton’s holds good there?

So the issue lies in developing a platform that can generate an equal and
opposite force that can balance the Force from the other end. There are
several fields of Physics like nanotechnology, robotics, Instrumentation,
Electrical and Electronics and Machines have a wide role to play, before
bringing this to reality. There will be issues, there will be better ideas
and indeed there will be better Solutions! When a Virtual Chair is
Possible, of Course, some time can give you a virtual car!