What colour hat do i wear?

People are always curious about learning stuffs and so I am. As long as we are curious and as long as we have the zeal to learn, we can visualize something new! Now, sharing with you a security issue, “Password hacking”.
We might have come across several browsers asking you, whether you want to save your password for future logins. It is safe, if you say no to it. Because it is super easy to view stored passwords from the machine, though it looks encrypted.

Now, let me show you how to view the saved passwords! Go to your browser(not actually IE) and open a login page of any site(except banking sites). Type into the username and password boxes. Now, your password field is encrypted, right?


Right click the password field and you will be able to spot the inspect-element menu. Click on it.

Now, you view the html source of the site in which the input type is given as “password”. Change it to “text”. If you are a Firefox user, find out the steps shown in the snapshots. You will be able to view the password text.






Internet explorer does not give you an inspect element menu on the right-click of password field. It is actually bit secure than the other browsers. So beware, saving password in the computers is actually vulnerable!

Note : you can edit anything on the page as long as you reload it.


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