Making SEO happen : Basics of Search Engine Optimization

This time, I wanted to share with you about few things I have learnt about Search Engine Optimization, SEO , that can make your business sell better on the Internet.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is a technique that brings your site visible and navigable for the search engines and rank your site based on the users search queries and the content accuracy in your site.Bringing your site front during the search has several advantages like promoting your business, Increases your chances to earn money through ads, etc.

How to make SEO happen?

Though there are several SEO tools and organizations doing this job for you, there are few basic things that will help you to bring your website front during the searches. I will list the few below.

  1. The more meaningful the URL is, the more likely for the search engines to bring your site front. The title of the site should be appropriate.
  2. The more the number of hits, the more the likelihood to bring up your site ranking.
  3. The content has no substitute.The more appropriate the content is, the more hits it will get. The more hits it gets, the higher the possibility to bring your site ranking up.
  4. The site’s title should be highly appropriate.
  5. Usage of keywords, tags, categories are very important, especially for the blogs. because they bring down the search engines’ time while navigating your sites for search keywords. They often return the sites with highly appropriate terms given in the query.
  6. Make sure, your site is live and not dormant. Based on the latest visits, the search engines will rank your pages.
  7. Page size is one thing we should highly concentrate on. Because, if the page takes time to load, it will lose its probability of visits by the users. Make an optimal use of hidden fields, since they increases the loading time of your pages.
  8. Coming to the AJAX and JavaScript calls, Make sure to call your AJAX functionality and JavaScript methods once the elements of the page gets loaded completely. Because there are chances for the search engines to miss certain elements used by AJAX and JavaScript, if they are handled simultaneously while loading.

Let me meet you with some exciting things about SEO in my next few posts on my blog. Happy reading!


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