A life, uninfluenced by Technology – Possible?

Technology has become invincible in everyone’s life. In my case, it must be one step up(May be few more steps up ;)). I don’t want to call myself as a Tech Savvy or Geeky Kind of kid. I did not just dig what was going around me in the name of technology; I did not just studied how things are made in the name of technology; I did not just experimented and operated things (Some hardware and software) that came around me in the name of technology; I did not just got impressed by the wonders done in the name of technology; I did not just got addicted to the name “Technology”; I am living with it for more than 6 years now. (Computers, are of course, My soul-mates!)

Now, Its time for me to imagine a life without technology. (Heart-breaking! Its not just a momentary addiction, after all. Let me not hurt by thinking too much about the pain! šŸ˜‰ )

The Pre-Technology era of my life was filled with so much of liveliness and eventfulness. Had been a School student, notably good at studies with some interests for fine arts, oration, writing, drawing, dancing , philately, numismatics, watching cricket and some badminton, was good, in deed.

The Technology era of my life has been filled with my computers and smartphone, for installing different operating systems and software , social networking, reading, writing, drawing, watching Korean dramas and movies, experimenting various mobile applications, books on computers and electronics (Graduated as a Computer Engineer,after all),deriving some business ideas, presentations, magazines and articles on technologies and programming with no much time for my family and friends. I cannot remember a day without gadgets. I could literally feel those curses from my friends for not spending time with them. How about saying goodbye to Technology as a cost of their anger! Possible? (If you really want it, Find out how to do it in the article on the page 24 of sutherlandliving.)

If yes, how will my Post-Technology era be? Without computers šŸ˜® Without Smartphones šŸ˜® Oh No! I don’t want to imagine it.

I don’t think a permanent cut down is possible,unless all my memories clear or we return to the caves or the sun darken! But taking periodic breaks is possible. I hope to work on it. What about you?


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