Getting started with workflow foundation

Unfamiliar with workflow? The below presentation could give you an introduction on What is a workflow, Why do we need workflow and how to create an application using the workflow.

For live demo on the same, go to the below link:

For those who are uncomfortable with designing workflow in workflow designer(.xaml file) and those who are good at C# and want to hard code without using activity APIs, Just add a class file with all the members as static and define a method and write your workflow. Now Come to your .xaml file in which drag and drop an invoke activity inside a sequence, browse your class name and type the method names given in the class file that you want to invoke. Build and Compile the code to get the desired result.



WCF Workflow Service application(Declarative Service Library)

WCF Workflow Service application(Declarative Service Library)

I found this video really really useful to start with WCF workflow service application in WF4,after a long struggle in finding out the right tutorial for the beginners. Hope it will serve your purpose if you are looking for a kick start in WF with good foundation in the .NET basics.