Giving up the most cherished – Have you done the deserved Justice yet?

All of us might have heard of the romantic and inspiring saying, “Nothing is Impossible, because Impossible itself says I am Possible!” . Hmm, as inspiring as always! But this is about the platonic side, Giving up your cherished dreams. Sounds too harsh and negative, isn’t it?



During our childhood, most of us dream of becoming an Astronaut, read science fictions and fly paper flights and rockets; most others dream of becoming a Doctor, and play with a toy stethoscope and needle less syringe; and few others dream of being scientist, and play labs with bottle filled with colored fluids and so on. Dreams are many.They may change from time to time. They may or may not come true. But they are always fascinating and cool. They give so much energy and confidence and bring about the most in you. Trust me!

Dreams always make us happy. We enjoy them and start working on them in the way we like.They turn too laborious after they get the “Goal” tag. The Goal always come with a deadline, which instantly follow the pressure. We often fed up, whenever the schedule is broken. In fact, when they repeat, we give them up and quit. So, why do we need the tag – “GOAL” ?

Draw a clear line in between your dreams and goals. Goal is not always about being yourself, but the dream is always you . Dreams cannot fail, since they do not have boundaries, timelines and hard coded rules to abide with. Never stop dreaming and put your best effort you can, in the journey of pursuing it.

So do not complicate your dreams, because they are your dreams and they deserve you and your effort more than anything and anybody else 🙂

Happy dreaming folks!!! and by the way, Happy Chasing too!!


Virtual Box Networking and Accessing the Shared Drives of the Host

Hi Folks! This time,the post is about Virtual Machine Networking. Though it is a problem bugging my heads for a long time, the solution is quiet simple than I thought. I have shared the steps in the screenshots below.

1) Select the folder in your host machine and enable access to the network by following the steps shown below. Here, My host machine is Windows7 . I am enabling the sharing from Properties window of the folder.




2) Then, access the Vitual Machines Network Adapter settings and making the changes as shown below.



3) Once after modifying the Network adapter settings, Go and browse through the Network folder of your Virtual Machine. For the first time, it will ask for the authentication to log in to your host, you can set your VM to remember the host authentication password, so that you need not give it again and again. Note that,  Authentication and access rights are required to access the shared drives with limited access.  But for the host folders with full access, it will not ask for further authentications.



Hope it helps! Happy Learning Folks!!!

What do you do on the web? : Survey Reports

I have been working on a survey about the time spent by people on the Internet, especially in the social networking sites. Here by, I thought of sharing the reports of my survey. Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to take up the survey.

Let me start with the ratio of the age group of the people using Internet.It is evident that the people from age groups of 18 to 25 are winning a big majority of the online activities.

Followed by which, the ratio of time spent on various activities out of their work place. It looks like, there are people who use Internet for more than 10 hours! But the majority of us are spending about 2 to 3 hours, good for them 🙂

We suspected Social Networking to take the priority among all other activities. But Checking emails won the race leaving Social networking behind.

Now, let us see what are all the major services utilized by the netizens, though the the Internet has almost everything.

It is quiet shocking to see people who do not prefer Internet services except for Checking emails and Social Networking! So folks, there is so much of marketing yet to be done.

Here comes the rating of the priorities of various activities on the social networking sites.

It is important to give a wake up call by educating them to get the best out of Social Networking and the Internet!

Would love your favor in taking the survey. It is still alive 🙂

Looking forward to share more about Social Media Marketing!

MVC Plurasight Video tutorials

MVC Plurasight Video tutorials

To get a quick and strong foundation in the ASP.NET MVC pattern, make use of the free video lectures in the site. Hope it will get you the conceptual knowledge on MVC, you are looking for.

Then, Go ahead and try out the hands on as given in :

You can find the completed project of the same in :

It is highly recommended to learn JQuery and LINQ to Entity to make a good MVC application.

Happy coding friends!

Does HTML controls consume additional memory?

I happened to argue with one of my colleagues about the HTML controls consuming additional memory than the text of the same content. The answer is, It is not consuming additional memory. I have attached a snapshot based on my memory consumption test: Take a Html file and save it as a .txt file. Check the size of the files from its properties. Both of them will be the same. That implies, plain HTML controls does not consume additional memory than the text files.

HTML Memory test

HTML Memory Test

Why not, Enterprise / Business applications in Cloud!

We have heard enough about cloud these days, aren’t we? But, the migration of the businesses to the Cloud is not 100% successful due to certain issues in the Cloud viz,

  • Security
  • Mobility
  • Availability

So, we shall start with the trend of the time is “hybrid cloud”. That is not completely new and was there ever since people spoke about cloud computing. But then, the hybrid cloud was said to be the combination of Public Cloud and Private Cloud and sharing the best features of both of them. It was a wide claim that the public Cloud is not completely secure for Enterprise/ Business applications and the private cloud would incur so much money to setup and maintain the infrastructure. It was Hybrid Cloud that gives you both security and “pay as you go” feature.

Now, let us get inside the Peercling world. It is the combination of Cloud computing and peer to peer computing. And it is aimed at providing extensive availability even if your cloud goes offline. It continues to make use of its peer resources.

Now let us assume the worst case, Peercling is not always possible. What if your Cloud is offline and machine is cutoff from the p2p network! You still need your applications to run, don’t you?  So, It is offcloud that is designed to serve the purpose.




The Architecture

The offcloud architecture matured from an idea of Peercling.  Offcloud aims at providing security, availability and mobility.


The offcloud model provides security using its three level authorizations, namely Client level, Peer level, Cloud level. The user of the business application can opt for the desired level of access, to be provided to the other machines on the network. The mechanism restricts the highly sensitive data to go out of the boundary of certain group of users.


There will be no room to access our data during network outages, if our machines act as dumb clients to access applications online. So, our model needs to have a thin client on every machine that synchronizes data whenever the network access is back. It helps the system work around the clock irrespective of network outages [1].


The Model facilitates the thin client application(like evernote, dropbox,etc) to synchronize with the cloud whenever there is network availability.  It is highly portable that the applications can be installed to any of your client machines, say Laptops, desktops, PDAs, Tablets, Smart phones etc.  Only the data in the form of XML gets downloaded to client applications and not the presentation part as in browser based Cloud applications.


Hoping to see many business applications based on offcloud!


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