What do you do on the web? : Survey Reports

I have been working on a survey about the time spent by people on the Internet, especially in the social networking sites. Here by, I thought of sharing the reports of my survey. Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to take up the survey.

Let me start with the ratio of the age group of the people using Internet.It is evident that the people from age groups of 18 to 25 are winning a big majority of the online activities.

Followed by which, the ratio of time spent on various activities out of their work place. It looks like, there are people who use Internet for more than 10 hours! But the majority of us are spending about 2 to 3 hours, good for them 🙂

We suspected Social Networking to take the priority among all other activities. But Checking emails won the race leaving Social networking behind.

Now, let us see what are all the major services utilized by the netizens, though the the Internet has almost everything.

It is quiet shocking to see people who do not prefer Internet services except for Checking emails and Social Networking! So folks, there is so much of marketing yet to be done.

Here comes the rating of the priorities of various activities on the social networking sites.

It is important to give a wake up call by educating them to get the best out of Social Networking and the Internet!

Would love your favor in taking the survey. It is still alive 🙂

Looking forward to share more about Social Media Marketing!


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