Virtual Box Networking and Accessing the Shared Drives of the Host

Hi Folks! This time,the post is about Virtual Machine Networking. Though it is a problem bugging my heads for a long time, the solution is quiet simple than I thought. I have shared the steps in the screenshots below.

1) Select the folder in your host machine and enable access to the network by following the steps shown below. Here, My host machine is Windows7 . I am enabling the sharing from Properties window of the folder.




2) Then, access the Vitual Machines Network Adapter settings and making the changes as shown below.



3) Once after modifying the Network adapter settings, Go and browse through the Network folder of your Virtual Machine. For the first time, it will ask for the authentication to log in to your host, you can set your VM to remember the host authentication password, so that you need not give it again and again. Note that,  Authentication and access rights are required to access the shared drives with limited access.  But for the host folders with full access, it will not ask for further authentications.



Hope it helps! Happy Learning Folks!!!


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