Giving up the most cherished – Have you done the deserved Justice yet?

All of us might have heard of the romantic and inspiring saying, “Nothing is Impossible, because Impossible itself says I am Possible!” . Hmm, as inspiring as always! But this is about the platonic side, Giving up your cherished dreams. Sounds too harsh and negative, isn’t it?



During our childhood, most of us dream of becoming an Astronaut, read science fictions and fly paper flights and rockets; most others dream of becoming a Doctor, and play with a toy stethoscope and needle less syringe; and few others dream of being scientist, and play labs with bottle filled with colored fluids and so on. Dreams are many.They may change from time to time. They may or may not come true. But they are always fascinating and cool. They give so much energy and confidence and bring about the most in you. Trust me!

Dreams always make us happy. We enjoy them and start working on them in the way we like.They turn too laborious after they get the “Goal” tag. The Goal always come with a deadline, which instantly follow the pressure. We often fed up, whenever the schedule is broken. In fact, when they repeat, we give them up and quit. So, why do we need the tag – “GOAL” ?

Draw a clear line in between your dreams and goals. Goal is not always about being yourself, but the dream is always you . Dreams cannot fail, since they do not have boundaries, timelines and hard coded rules to abide with. Never stop dreaming and put your best effort you can, in the journey of pursuing it.

So do not complicate your dreams, because they are your dreams and they deserve you and your effort more than anything and anybody else 🙂

Happy dreaming folks!!! and by the way, Happy Chasing too!!


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