The Open Source Facts!

“Will you steal a car? you, certainly, will not! Then why do you steal Software ?” is the anti-piracy campaign.They might be right.

Do you want to accept the thief tag, When you have a wide range of software available for Free and Open Source? There are numerous quality products with GPL (General Public Licence) available with a large community support. Some popular ones are Android(Mobile OS) , GIMP(Photo Editor), VLC (AV player), Virtual Box (Operating system Virtualization), Libre Office( Office Package), Perl, Phython, PHP (popular web development languages), JQuery (Popular Java Script Library), Drupal, Joomla, WordPress (Popular CMS’s), Mozilla, Google Chrome (Browsers) and Ubuntu, Fedora, Open Suse, Crunch Bag, Puppy Linux (Popular Linux Flavors) and a lot more.

Will you buy something expensive, when you are not given with the owner rights? When you buy something, will you not check if it deserves the sum you spend? are you doing the research against the marketing pranks played by the brands when it comes to software? Probably not always, isn’t it? And here comes the interesting part, If you buy a bike, you do not need the manufacturer’s permission to remodel it for your conveniences. But can you do the same on the so called expensive licensed software? can you fit in and take off the features you like and dislike? Certainly not. So, you are not the owner for the huge Bucks you spend. Why not Open Source softwares!

Will you buy something expensive, when you can afford a quality product for free? A rich and glamorous User Interface is that all you want? Open Source software do have it. A simple look and feel is also not an excuse to go for Licensed operating systems. Linux flavours are bundled with Rich Graphic support too. So it does not stop you from 3D Gaming by the way.

Will you ignore the feature rich products? They do no harm to your imaginations and gives every right to experiment them. In fact, it doesn’t stop you from having your own Operating System. That is the secret behind the thousands of Linux flavors and open source softwares evolving.  Give them a try, I am sure they can give you the best you deserve!

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