Beyond the Google Home!

Google gives immense opportunities for research. This blog post will tell you how to get the most of Google for your research related activities and making use of its powerful tools. We have so much beyond the simple and powerful home page of Google. Let us explore one by one.

Google Drive :

Google Docs

First, let us go with the wonderful package, Google drive (previously known as Google Docs). The more refined product has your free 5GB hard drive on the cloud with the features: document which does more than just formatting, Spreadsheet with fully functional formula support and data visualization support, Presentations, Forms whose reports are tracked on the spreadsheet, Fusion table to handle huge data, Collaborate and share contents with document commenting and emailing option, Research tool with Document,Publishing files and contents to web,Online plug-ins for project management, text editing, cloud storage and so on, Desktop synchronization.Making use of Google drive would help you keep your research organized and documentation easy with research tool that helps you to track citations in parallel .Document translation, word count and Define are the additional options with the document tools.

Google Trends :

Google trends will help you to understand the trends in various industries in par with time and also give you some future predictions. When you look at the above images I have made the trend search for Cloud Computing, Mobile Apps and Business Intelligence. The search has given the trend chart across time, popular search terms related to it, popularity with respect to geographical location. It will be very useful in presenting the trend analysis.

Google translate:

We often meet research papers and other documents at our work place and home in various languages and look for help to translate those using tools like Babylon. Google gives you Translate with highly potential and instant translator supporting over 64 languages and some alpha languages too.
Google Scholar:

Exclusive research tool that could gather all scholarly research material across the world. So it is easy to find out the relevant research information and patents associated with them. Google describes Scholar as,”articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites.”
Google Scholar
Google History:

We often fail to bookmark the pages we visit on web for various reasons. But if you want information from a site you have visited sometime ago, will you not make the search again and browse through the sites to find it out? With Google History, that will not be necessary. You can make use of your gmail credentials to sign in and make use of the web search option of Google. It records all the key words you search for and the pages visited with respect to the search key.
Want to be updated on the contents you are interested in? Google alerts would help you do that. It facilitates you to create alert list on various key words of your interest and request for email alerts whenever there is any new related content addition to the web.
It is always recommended to access your Google services after signing into it. So that, even if you forget to take a note, your friend will always take care of everything you do with it!

Happy Go(o)ggling!

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