Art of getting things done

Most of us struggle a lot to make vocal communication with other people, even for the small things like asking for extending the rental agreement, requesting for some favor even from the people closer to us, asking to change schedules, and for  so many other things.Of course, Pen is a powerful communicator, but not the most powerful at all times, especially not for all your audience. Most of the times,we need to speak to get what we want, because

“Communication is the process of conveying the thoughts of the sender to a receiver through a neutral channel, so that the receiver receives the message that the sender intended to convey.”

When we speak, words will try to deliver your purpose, gesture will try to convey the context, pauses in your tone will try to convey your emotions.

Why are we troubling ourselves to ask for an obligation or a request? there are few reasons that stroke my mind,

              1. Fear of denial : If you don’t ask, you will probably not be considered. If you ask, you will possibly be considered.
              2. Lack of practice : Many do not get the chance to ask for certain things we want due to various factors like money, society, family etc. So, we are forced to stop asking things that we want. again, think what difference is it going to make, if you are denied after asking and without asking! Give your self a chance, practice yourself to ask.
              3. and yes,Ego : Following fear of denial and lack of practice, comes the ego. It is the worst and top most thing that steal your opportunities from winning your deals. Always remember, Ego will often let you down by thinking superlative to others that prevents you to ask for favors. So, Ego will never pay.

So, if we put some effort to bridge these, we could make better communicators.  Better Communicators can make better leaders! and the better leaders, the deal breakers!!!


Cloud operating system


The system is about developing a cloud operating system on the top of a private cloud, which is secure, distributed, scalable and virtual, that can be accessed through browser using the Internet access of any device.

Existing system:


  • Microsoft Virtual Labs (Click here to launch the Virtual Lab) : The existing system is meant for educating the users to learn various microsoft technologies using the virtual lab that connect to the remote computer and provides the users, the softwares required to learn the technology.

Proposed system:


  • The proposed system is a business model, that facilitates the users to access and work on the business applications potentially and probably from any place with an internet access, without spending much cost on hardwares by making use of available hardwares, through a secure private cloud.



  • Reducing the hardware costs and at the same time improves the mobility of the applications.Clients need not invest on machines, instead they can access their application with any of their devices connected to internet, without compromising security.
  • Reduces the licensing cost.
  • Reduces the infrastructure cost using virtualization. (Many operating systems can run on a single hardware)

Technical risks:


  • Developing a private cloud involves infrastructure set-up cost. We can hire the infrastructures(PAAS – Platform as a service) from Popular cloud service providers from Amazon EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing), Microsoft Azure Services, , Google App Engine, etc. We can build our own infrastructure using Eucalyptus, an open source that is widely spoken after Amazon EC2.
  • Configuring Virtual Operating systems on the top of the hypervisors(The layer of software that provides operating system virtualization) over the Host OS, that can be accessed from browser.


Overcoming the security challenges:


  • The system should make a scan to make sure if there is any spyware and monitoring softwares like keyloggers and suspicious services running in the background.
  • High security authentication systems should be implemented using the potential security algorithms.
  • Disabling the clipboard beyond the scope of the browser tab/window.



The Oxymoron : Chasing the opportunities and learning to say “No”

Everybody wants to be successful. Success mean different to different people. But formula to success is always the same, seamlessly working towards your goal doing all the required justice. But for most of us, things are not always the way we wanted. There are people who wish big and achieve big after their hard work; there are people who wish big and achieve big due to some external factors; there are people who wish big and fail to achieve in spite of their hard work. Winning or losing is not the context of our story, but it is about making your choices. Of course,  about making the right choices.

Success ladder

The ladder to success

Nobody likes to fall into pits and everybody expects to own big things in life. But reality is different; Most of the people who own big things in life have crossed tougher roads than the rest. Those winners did not just made use of their opportunities but they chased and grabbed them even if they did not come along their way. There are people who try to make use of the opportunities available to them to prove their selves.  There are also people who close their shutters for the rare opportunities that come along their ways due to some external factors. So, it is the attitude that decides your altitude.

For being successful, we make plans, get advises, read success stories to make sure everything is in place to win things. Some says, to be successful chase and grab the opportunities and also, learn the art of saying “No”. Both sound like complete oxymoron. The oxymoron is the context of the post.

It is clear that one who chases and grabs the opportunity is the winner. So let us give a deeper insight of the art of saying “No”. We cannot and should not say to every risk that come on our way. Often the opportunities come hidden in the form of risks. So, take care while taking up a challenge or saying no for it.There can be many ifs before making your decision, not after making them. So, analyse the following factors before making choices.

  1. Make sure it is worthy to give a try  : Before taking up any challenge given to you, find out it is really worthy. Make sure it is worthy for your quality time and effort you put in.
  2. Make sure it is close to your passion.
  3. Analyze  the risks and ways to overcoming them: Do try to know the risks of the challenge you have in your hand and analyse the ways to overcome
  4. Analyze the aftermaths of your choice. The pros and cons: Tasting success in a fairy-tale ending. But know what comes on your way after the Win and act smart by putting yourself in the shoes of losers and winners.
  5. Prepare yourself to accept the consequences and failures on your path: Failure is not a bad thing and it gives you much more than a success can give. Learn from the failures. But it does not mean you can be liberal at the amount of hard-work you put.
  6. Associate your choices with your short and long-term goals: It is too close to the point 2. Be ready for the things those are close to your passion and have influence on your short and long terms. Because, success mean different to different people.
  7. Play big, if you want to win big: If you want to win big, always prefer to play big, running behind the opportunities instead of settling with small things.
  8. Choose the right path: When you have multiple opportunities in hand, go for the big one even if it is risky. As I said earlier, opportunities are often hidden behind the risks. Always remember, not to lose things in your hand for the things those are obsolete. Have a grip on what you are doing.

So, the decisions make the Winners. Learn to be a good decision maker, even when it is about personal choices, Be a winner!

Thanks for reading!!!