Cloud operating system


The system is about developing a cloud operating system on the top of a private cloud, which is secure, distributed, scalable and virtual, that can be accessed through browser using the Internet access of any device.

Existing system:


  • Microsoft Virtual Labs (Click here to launch the Virtual Lab) : The existing system is meant for educating the users to learn various microsoft technologies using the virtual lab that connect to the remote computer and provides the users, the softwares required to learn the technology.

Proposed system:


  • The proposed system is a business model, that facilitates the users to access and work on the business applications potentially and probably from any place with an internet access, without spending much cost on hardwares by making use of available hardwares, through a secure private cloud.



  • Reducing the hardware costs and at the same time improves the mobility of the applications.Clients need not invest on machines, instead they can access their application with any of their devices connected to internet, without compromising security.
  • Reduces the licensing cost.
  • Reduces the infrastructure cost using virtualization. (Many operating systems can run on a single hardware)

Technical risks:


  • Developing a private cloud involves infrastructure set-up cost. We can hire the infrastructures(PAAS – Platform as a service) from Popular cloud service providers from Amazon EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing), Microsoft Azure Services, , Google App Engine, etc. We can build our own infrastructure using Eucalyptus, an open source that is widely spoken after Amazon EC2.
  • Configuring Virtual Operating systems on the top of the hypervisors(The layer of software that provides operating system virtualization) over the Host OS, that can be accessed from browser.


Overcoming the security challenges:


  • The system should make a scan to make sure if there is any spyware and monitoring softwares like keyloggers and suspicious services running in the background.
  • High security authentication systems should be implemented using the potential security algorithms.
  • Disabling the clipboard beyond the scope of the browser tab/window.




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