Sharepoint Beginners tutorial

Sharepoint Beginners tutorial

SharePoint is a Microsoft technology which facilitates creation of intranet and internet sites with promising features like Collaboration, Document sharing and Management (with version control) , Content Management, websites, Business Intelligence with a highly compatible user management and security module. The stand-apart features of SharePoint in par with other Content Management Systems are, highly friendly interfaces for non-technical users; Flexible environment to developers for customizing the features and now it also offers Windows Azure support for SharePoint applications that provides maximum scalability and availability.

Interaction with your Microsoft office package(word, excel, visio, outlook,etc), Maintaining document repository with the version control support, Independent User management and privilege settings can be applied at various level, Use of web-parts (a page/ a piece of a web page viewed from another), Calender to keep track of tasks and appointments etc at one place make SharePoint unique.

Cited above is a wonderful website for those who want to kick-start with the SharePoint learning.Apart from the Video tutorials, I would recommend my fellow learners to read this wiki-page: .

Happy Learning!


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