Which standards must developers know for programming?

Programmer's checklist

Answer by Sharmilli Priyadarsini:

The below are few things to be kept in mind while coding,

1. Make your code readable with proper indentations.
2. Follow the coding standards recommended. This depends on the language and the practices followed in your project.
3. The naming convention should always be related to the functionality. A text box that invites employee names can be named as EmpName instead being called as TextBox1.
4. Make sure all the methods/functions are annotated explaining the function. Add your inline comments inside the code blocks whenever there are complex steps or logics handelled.
5. Using the right source control and IDE can really help.
6. Do not try to reinvent the wheel, If there are any inbuilt library functions available or tested algorithms available to serve your purpose, reuse them. This will improve the efficiency of your program.
7. Follow the best practices prescribed by the programming language.
8. Most importantly learn and practice.

Which standards must developers know for programming?


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