How do I popularize my blog on the web?


Answer by Sharmilli Priyadarsini:

This question is the answer, hope your stats are booming 🙂

  1. Marketing your blog to the right audience is the straight forward way to popularise your blog.
  2. But in order to have steady rise in the hits, you need to work on the content quality and how unique your solutions to the problems are.
  3. SEO does the magic for sure. Though you will get huge volume of books on doing Search Engine Optimization , the logic behind is simple more hits to your blog will bring up your content during search, palgiarism will tend to void your content authenticity, so take almost care in avoiding it, quality of content plays an important role. Apart from the above, there is one shortcut, before writing a blog do a research on most used search terms and least used search terms on your topic. And try to use search terms in your post. This will give you a better visibility in search engines. Next thing is try to make use of the most used search terms in the title of the content that makes your blog url connected to the topic, which is directly proportional to search engines ranking. Medium used search keys in tags and least used search keys in your content along with the mix of most used keywords.

This will, for sure bring your blog’s popularity. Happy blogging!

How do I popularize my blog on the web?


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