Sharepoint Beginners tutorial

Sharepoint Beginners tutorial

SharePoint is a Microsoft technology which facilitates creation of intranet and internet sites with promising features like Collaboration, Document sharing and Management (with version control) , Content Management, websites, Business Intelligence with a highly compatible user management and security module. The stand-apart features of SharePoint in par with other Content Management Systems are, highly friendly interfaces for non-technical users; Flexible environment to developers for customizing the features and now it also offers Windows Azure support for SharePoint applications that provides maximum scalability and availability.

Interaction with your Microsoft office package(word, excel, visio, outlook,etc), Maintaining document repository with the version control support, Independent User management and privilege settings can be applied at various level, Use of web-parts (a page/ a piece of a web page viewed from another), Calender to keep track of tasks and appointments etc at one place make SharePoint unique.

Cited above is a wonderful website for those who want to kick-start with the SharePoint learning.Apart from the Video tutorials, I would recommend my fellow learners to read this wiki-page: .

Happy Learning!


Cloud operating system


The system is about developing a cloud operating system on the top of a private cloud, which is secure, distributed, scalable and virtual, that can be accessed through browser using the Internet access of any device.

Existing system:


  • Microsoft Virtual Labs (Click here to launch the Virtual Lab) : The existing system is meant for educating the users to learn various microsoft technologies using the virtual lab that connect to the remote computer and provides the users, the softwares required to learn the technology.

Proposed system:


  • The proposed system is a business model, that facilitates the users to access and work on the business applications potentially and probably from any place with an internet access, without spending much cost on hardwares by making use of available hardwares, through a secure private cloud.



  • Reducing the hardware costs and at the same time improves the mobility of the applications.Clients need not invest on machines, instead they can access their application with any of their devices connected to internet, without compromising security.
  • Reduces the licensing cost.
  • Reduces the infrastructure cost using virtualization. (Many operating systems can run on a single hardware)

Technical risks:


  • Developing a private cloud involves infrastructure set-up cost. We can hire the infrastructures(PAAS – Platform as a service) from Popular cloud service providers from Amazon EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing), Microsoft Azure Services, , Google App Engine, etc. We can build our own infrastructure using Eucalyptus, an open source that is widely spoken after Amazon EC2.
  • Configuring Virtual Operating systems on the top of the hypervisors(The layer of software that provides operating system virtualization) over the Host OS, that can be accessed from browser.


Overcoming the security challenges:


  • The system should make a scan to make sure if there is any spyware and monitoring softwares like keyloggers and suspicious services running in the background.
  • High security authentication systems should be implemented using the potential security algorithms.
  • Disabling the clipboard beyond the scope of the browser tab/window.



An Android Tip on USB storage

Is your USB storage of your smartphone working fine with windows operating system? If your answer is not always, probably this post can help you. Not a straightforward method though, but one of the faster methods to copy files between devices.


All you have to do is, connect your Android device to your Virtual Machine, Turn on USB storage by enabling the button on your android device’s screen. Now, your SD card will be removed from the device and mounted to the Virtual Machine, Access the files and folder, copy or paste files to and from the device to the virtual machine and move it to the host network folder(windows workgroup folder).

The slideshow will guide you through the above steps:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Note that, it is recommended to connect to either Android device or the host network at a time.

Don’t tell me, I do not have VM network or how to use a virtual machine 🙂

Happy hacking!


Beyond the Google Home!

Google gives immense opportunities for research. This blog post will tell you how to get the most of Google for your research related activities and making use of its powerful tools. We have so much beyond the simple and powerful home page of Google. Let us explore one by one.

Google Drive :

Google Docs

First, let us go with the wonderful package, Google drive (previously known as Google Docs). The more refined product has your free 5GB hard drive on the cloud with the features: document which does more than just formatting, Spreadsheet with fully functional formula support and data visualization support, Presentations, Forms whose reports are tracked on the spreadsheet, Fusion table to handle huge data, Collaborate and share contents with document commenting and emailing option, Research tool with Document,Publishing files and contents to web,Online plug-ins for project management, text editing, cloud storage and so on, Desktop synchronization.Making use of Google drive would help you keep your research organized and documentation easy with research tool that helps you to track citations in parallel .Document translation, word count and Define are the additional options with the document tools.

Google Trends :

Google trends will help you to understand the trends in various industries in par with time and also give you some future predictions. When you look at the above images I have made the trend search for Cloud Computing, Mobile Apps and Business Intelligence. The search has given the trend chart across time, popular search terms related to it, popularity with respect to geographical location. It will be very useful in presenting the trend analysis.

Google translate:

We often meet research papers and other documents at our work place and home in various languages and look for help to translate those using tools like Babylon. Google gives you Translate with highly potential and instant translator supporting over 64 languages and some alpha languages too.
Google Scholar:

Exclusive research tool that could gather all scholarly research material across the world. So it is easy to find out the relevant research information and patents associated with them. Google describes Scholar as,”articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites.”
Google Scholar
Google History:

We often fail to bookmark the pages we visit on web for various reasons. But if you want information from a site you have visited sometime ago, will you not make the search again and browse through the sites to find it out? With Google History, that will not be necessary. You can make use of your gmail credentials to sign in and make use of the web search option of Google. It records all the key words you search for and the pages visited with respect to the search key.
Want to be updated on the contents you are interested in? Google alerts would help you do that. It facilitates you to create alert list on various key words of your interest and request for email alerts whenever there is any new related content addition to the web.
It is always recommended to access your Google services after signing into it. So that, even if you forget to take a note, your friend will always take care of everything you do with it!

Happy Go(o)ggling!

The Open Source Facts!

“Will you steal a car? you, certainly, will not! Then why do you steal Software ?” is the anti-piracy campaign.They might be right.

Do you want to accept the thief tag, When you have a wide range of software available for Free and Open Source? There are numerous quality products with GPL (General Public Licence) available with a large community support. Some popular ones are Android(Mobile OS) , GIMP(Photo Editor), VLC (AV player), Virtual Box (Operating system Virtualization), Libre Office( Office Package), Perl, Phython, PHP (popular web development languages), JQuery (Popular Java Script Library), Drupal, Joomla, WordPress (Popular CMS’s), Mozilla, Google Chrome (Browsers) and Ubuntu, Fedora, Open Suse, Crunch Bag, Puppy Linux (Popular Linux Flavors) and a lot more.

Will you buy something expensive, when you are not given with the owner rights? When you buy something, will you not check if it deserves the sum you spend? are you doing the research against the marketing pranks played by the brands when it comes to software? Probably not always, isn’t it? And here comes the interesting part, If you buy a bike, you do not need the manufacturer’s permission to remodel it for your conveniences. But can you do the same on the so called expensive licensed software? can you fit in and take off the features you like and dislike? Certainly not. So, you are not the owner for the huge Bucks you spend. Why not Open Source softwares!

Will you buy something expensive, when you can afford a quality product for free? A rich and glamorous User Interface is that all you want? Open Source software do have it. A simple look and feel is also not an excuse to go for Licensed operating systems. Linux flavours are bundled with Rich Graphic support too. So it does not stop you from 3D Gaming by the way.

Will you ignore the feature rich products? They do no harm to your imaginations and gives every right to experiment them. In fact, it doesn’t stop you from having your own Operating System. That is the secret behind the thousands of Linux flavors and open source softwares evolving.  Give them a try, I am sure they can give you the best you deserve!

Virtual Box Networking and Accessing the Shared Drives of the Host

Hi Folks! This time,the post is about Virtual Machine Networking. Though it is a problem bugging my heads for a long time, the solution is quiet simple than I thought. I have shared the steps in the screenshots below.

1) Select the folder in your host machine and enable access to the network by following the steps shown below. Here, My host machine is Windows7 . I am enabling the sharing from Properties window of the folder.




2) Then, access the Vitual Machines Network Adapter settings and making the changes as shown below.



3) Once after modifying the Network adapter settings, Go and browse through the Network folder of your Virtual Machine. For the first time, it will ask for the authentication to log in to your host, you can set your VM to remember the host authentication password, so that you need not give it again and again. Note that,  Authentication and access rights are required to access the shared drives with limited access.  But for the host folders with full access, it will not ask for further authentications.



Hope it helps! Happy Learning Folks!!!

What do you do on the web? : Survey Reports

I have been working on a survey about the time spent by people on the Internet, especially in the social networking sites. Here by, I thought of sharing the reports of my survey. Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to take up the survey.

Let me start with the ratio of the age group of the people using Internet.It is evident that the people from age groups of 18 to 25 are winning a big majority of the online activities.

Followed by which, the ratio of time spent on various activities out of their work place. It looks like, there are people who use Internet for more than 10 hours! But the majority of us are spending about 2 to 3 hours, good for them 🙂

We suspected Social Networking to take the priority among all other activities. But Checking emails won the race leaving Social networking behind.

Now, let us see what are all the major services utilized by the netizens, though the the Internet has almost everything.

It is quiet shocking to see people who do not prefer Internet services except for Checking emails and Social Networking! So folks, there is so much of marketing yet to be done.

Here comes the rating of the priorities of various activities on the social networking sites.

It is important to give a wake up call by educating them to get the best out of Social Networking and the Internet!

Would love your favor in taking the survey. It is still alive 🙂

Looking forward to share more about Social Media Marketing!