Sharepoint Beginners tutorial

Sharepoint Beginners tutorial

SharePoint is a Microsoft technology which facilitates creation of intranet and internet sites with promising features like Collaboration, Document sharing and Management (with version control) , Content Management, websites, Business Intelligence with a highly compatible user management and security module. The stand-apart features of SharePoint in par with other Content Management Systems are, highly friendly interfaces for non-technical users; Flexible environment to developers for customizing the features and now it also offers Windows Azure support for SharePoint applications that provides maximum scalability and availability.

Interaction with your Microsoft office package(word, excel, visio, outlook,etc), Maintaining document repository with the version control support, Independent User management and privilege settings can be applied at various level, Use of web-parts (a page/ a piece of a web page viewed from another), Calender to keep track of tasks and appointments etc at one place make SharePoint unique.

Cited above is a wonderful website for those who want to kick-start with the SharePoint learning.Apart from the Video tutorials, I would recommend my fellow learners to read this wiki-page: .

Happy Learning!


What do you do on the web? : Survey Reports

I have been working on a survey about the time spent by people on the Internet, especially in the social networking sites. Here by, I thought of sharing the reports of my survey. Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to take up the survey.

Let me start with the ratio of the age group of the people using Internet.It is evident that the people from age groups of 18 to 25 are winning a big majority of the online activities.

Followed by which, the ratio of time spent on various activities out of their work place. It looks like, there are people who use Internet for more than 10 hours! But the majority of us are spending about 2 to 3 hours, good for them 🙂

We suspected Social Networking to take the priority among all other activities. But Checking emails won the race leaving Social networking behind.

Now, let us see what are all the major services utilized by the netizens, though the the Internet has almost everything.

It is quiet shocking to see people who do not prefer Internet services except for Checking emails and Social Networking! So folks, there is so much of marketing yet to be done.

Here comes the rating of the priorities of various activities on the social networking sites.

It is important to give a wake up call by educating them to get the best out of Social Networking and the Internet!

Would love your favor in taking the survey. It is still alive 🙂

Looking forward to share more about Social Media Marketing!

MVC Plurasight Video tutorials

MVC Plurasight Video tutorials

To get a quick and strong foundation in the ASP.NET MVC pattern, make use of the free video lectures in the site. Hope it will get you the conceptual knowledge on MVC, you are looking for.

Then, Go ahead and try out the hands on as given in :

You can find the completed project of the same in :

It is highly recommended to learn JQuery and LINQ to Entity to make a good MVC application.

Happy coding friends!

ASP.NET and Search Engines: friends or foes ?

ASP.NET and Search Engines are friends or foes ? It should be a wide doubt among the web application developers. This blog of mine, will share with you the facts and myths about the puzzle.

First of all, Let me recall some terms about search engine optimization.

Indexing is the technique used by the search engines to find out the relevant contents on your website for particular keywords.To be elaborate,whenever a new website it created or the contents of an existing site is updated, the search engine will navigate through the site for collecting the possible combinations of the search keywords.This is known as Indexing.

Ranking is another popular term in the SEO circle. The technique based on which the search engines rate the pages for a particular search query is known as Ranking. The search engines displays the results for the keywords in chronological order of the rank generated on raking. The factors influencing the ranking are, accuracy of search key, number of hits on your page, activity (how often the site is updated and visited), etc.

Your site can be optimized for the search engines, if they are easy to index and ranked better. In my previous post on SEO, i gave the basic things to be done for better visibility of your sites.

Let us go into our topic now, Whether ASP.NET is search engine friendly?

No, It is not. There was a claim that the ASP.Net is not as friendly as other web technologies for creating the web application. The major arguments to support their claim are complex and unfriendly URL, Huge page size due to the over range state management techniques like hidden files. So it is recommended to give meaningful URLs and optimal the use of hidden fields. The search engines does not like duplicate contents(especially Google),Server errors those are unhandled by the code, clumsy meaningless URLs, huge page sizes due to hidden state and other server based state management techniques that makes indexing a headache.Also, unreachable content due to inefficient use of AJAX, Poor quality content, poor usage of web standards like missing the page title,poor usage of tagging make indexing tough. Shouldn’t it give us millions of related results in seconds instead of trying to index a poorly managed page?

So, how can we make them Search engine friendly? Obviously by eliminating those mistakes while developing our site. Make you site more visible,

  • by making appropriate use of tags
  • by giving a proper title for your page
  • by creating meaningful URLs that makes indexing simple
  • by updating the site with appropriate information often
  • by making the right use of hidden fields and by making use of alternative state management principles instead of hidden fields.
  • by effective placement of AJAX calls(recommended to call the script once the page is completely loaded).

Apart from all that, quality content has no substitute to increase your hits. Unique keywords is the key for your better visibility.

Look forward for more information about SEO in my future blog post on MVC and SEO. Happy coding!

Making SEO happen : Basics of Search Engine Optimization

This time, I wanted to share with you about few things I have learnt about Search Engine Optimization, SEO , that can make your business sell better on the Internet.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is a technique that brings your site visible and navigable for the search engines and rank your site based on the users search queries and the content accuracy in your site.Bringing your site front during the search has several advantages like promoting your business, Increases your chances to earn money through ads, etc.

How to make SEO happen?

Though there are several SEO tools and organizations doing this job for you, there are few basic things that will help you to bring your website front during the searches. I will list the few below.

  1. The more meaningful the URL is, the more likely for the search engines to bring your site front. The title of the site should be appropriate.
  2. The more the number of hits, the more the likelihood to bring up your site ranking.
  3. The content has no substitute.The more appropriate the content is, the more hits it will get. The more hits it gets, the higher the possibility to bring your site ranking up.
  4. The site’s title should be highly appropriate.
  5. Usage of keywords, tags, categories are very important, especially for the blogs. because they bring down the search engines’ time while navigating your sites for search keywords. They often return the sites with highly appropriate terms given in the query.
  6. Make sure, your site is live and not dormant. Based on the latest visits, the search engines will rank your pages.
  7. Page size is one thing we should highly concentrate on. Because, if the page takes time to load, it will lose its probability of visits by the users. Make an optimal use of hidden fields, since they increases the loading time of your pages.
  8. Coming to the AJAX and JavaScript calls, Make sure to call your AJAX functionality and JavaScript methods once the elements of the page gets loaded completely. Because there are chances for the search engines to miss certain elements used by AJAX and JavaScript, if they are handled simultaneously while loading.

Let me meet you with some exciting things about SEO in my next few posts on my blog. Happy reading!

The First Step Towards The Tomorrow’s World – Google’s “Semantic Search”

The article is aimed at providing an insight about the Semantic search which is also known as Knowledge mining, the initiative that understands the context of words instead looking for the matching texts in the websites.
The conventional keyword search algorithms, those are used previously by the search engines will look for the matching keywords in the web pages and list them for the user based on the search engine rankings.The semantic search algorithm interprets the context of the words entered by the users and lists the page that solves the purpose of the query entered. For example, If you enter “Coffee Shops in Chennai” in the, it returned a list of websites that contains the term coffee shops in Chennai. When the very same set of words are searched in, it returns the locations of various coffee shops in Chennai along with the location map. The former is the keyword search approach and the latter is the semantic search approach. In simple terms, “Syntax is Grammar and Semantic is Meaning”.

Coffee shops in Chennai

Syntactic Search


Knowledge Mining

Semantic Search

Gmail users might have noticed the display of ads related to your emails in the advertisement area. This is a marketing strategy that marks the beginning of semantic search. Later Google has widened its implementation of the semantic search services on Scale conversions, Weather report, time based on the geographic zones, restaurant recommendations, Flights, Hotel and other services searches, Image searches that even facilitates upload of images to return the similar images on the web. The Smartphones plays a big role in this semantic search since they could give the location information of the users to make culture based searches as they are coupled with location tracking systems. Google also has the feature of providing personalized searches based on the user’s Search history and the social networking profiles.Google has come up with Voice search that process the voice input; Google-glasses that process your visual information; Google translate to translate between languages meaningfully. So it has already started reading the senses of people to provide search results highly customized and highly Contextual.

When our today can be this simple, imagine the world after 10 years from now. Wouldn’t the internet be 50 times as smarter (Not just faster but smarter) as now? Wouldn’t it(the Internet) orders for burgers or pizza from your favorite restaurants whenever you feel hungry or feel like eating one? Wouldn’t it order your Child’s favorite doll for delivery on her birthday? Wouldn’t it intimate your family doctor about your low sugar level or automatically call for ambulance when you are collapsed? So for the smarter world made of smarter Internet,It is the semantic search, we need to be thankful for!