Art of getting things done

Most of us struggle a lot to make vocal communication with other people, even for the small things like asking for extending the rental agreement, requesting for some favor even from the people closer to us, asking to change schedules, and for  so many other things.Of course, Pen is a powerful communicator, but not the most powerful at all times, especially not for all your audience. Most of the times,we need to speak to get what we want, because

“Communication is the process of conveying the thoughts of the sender to a receiver through a neutral channel, so that the receiver receives the message that the sender intended to convey.”

When we speak, words will try to deliver your purpose, gesture will try to convey the context, pauses in your tone will try to convey your emotions.

Why are we troubling ourselves to ask for an obligation or a request? there are few reasons that stroke my mind,

              1. Fear of denial : If you don’t ask, you will probably not be considered. If you ask, you will possibly be considered.
              2. Lack of practice : Many do not get the chance to ask for certain things we want due to various factors like money, society, family etc. So, we are forced to stop asking things that we want. again, think what difference is it going to make, if you are denied after asking and without asking! Give your self a chance, practice yourself to ask.
              3. and yes,Ego : Following fear of denial and lack of practice, comes the ego. It is the worst and top most thing that steal your opportunities from winning your deals. Always remember, Ego will often let you down by thinking superlative to others that prevents you to ask for favors. So, Ego will never pay.

So, if we put some effort to bridge these, we could make better communicators.  Better Communicators can make better leaders! and the better leaders, the deal breakers!!!