Seeing beyond what you see is wisdom

We are given birth without our approval, yet we manage to exist by absorbing the essence from the environment, from the society. Most people agrees that the human beings are social animals, who absorb and reflect their social circles. Yet, a very few manages to be out standing and successful by the definitions of the world. The questions like, How does these limited few manage to shine; what shapes their success;  are buzzing our minds for several months. After aggressive look up for the answers to the questions, we could read that there is a pattern which makes them what they are. Thought of penning down the observations as a series believing it would kindle the thoughts of my readers.

The most important feature of any successful person is continuous learning. It is true that a person’s growth stalls once she/he stops to learn, and it is extremely important in today’s world to stay current in our respective domains for us to exist and to survive as the changes are so rapid than any other times in the human history. Experience makes the best teacher, I do not doubt it. Yet, we cannot afford to experiment and experience every success and downfall to learn and to grow; we can certainly save a lot of energy, time and resources by learning from the lives of the other people who have already gone through the same path as you and acquire the required wisdom to achieve success. We have the resources in abundance, in the form of biographies, autobiographies, interviews, case studies and a lot more stuff on the internet. At the same time we also have an equal number of spoilers, litters and distractions that dilute the above mentioned sources. Its very important for us to acquire the skill to distinguish between the former and the latter, go to introspection mode to identify between the facts and spoilers. Picking up the necessary facts will make you knowledgable, but do you think that is enough for you to be successful? In my opinion, if a person is knowledgable, she/he can be competent and can survive in his/her respective field. We have a whole bunch of survivors in that case. But our sealing to success is far more higher, and it is not just enough to be knowledgable to reach there.

You may ask if knowledge is just not enough, what does it take to be successful. It is the wisdom, which sees things beyond what you see from the books or from the other sources of information. Do not just apply the same set of rules or formula you have picked up from your introspection. Go to the retrospection mode and see how you can craft your knowledge into wisdom. Question yourself and apply your findings to form fresh ideas instead copying the conventional ones. Accumulate knowledge but most importantly acquire wisdom to be successful.