Embrace Failures as Success

How do you define your greatest success? Can we say that a person’s ultimate success is the attainment of her/his greatest dream. I believe you will agree by that definition. However, the hindrance to most of the dreams is the fear of failures.Your dream can be big or small; you may conquer it or not; but to conquer it, you should be ready to take your first step instead being scared of loosing it. A task never started will never be accomplished.There is a very popular saying, “A job started is a job half done”.Moreover, there is no point to be afraid of losing something we do not have. We must strongly believe that we deserve to live our dreams.

Also, its ok to fail during theĀ pursuit for your dreams. Because it takes perseverance and persistence to make a great produce. If Thomas Alva Edison was afraid of failures, we would not have incandescent bulbs after his thousand failed attempts. Failures have a whole lot of things to teach us than successes can. So embrace your failures like you embrace your success, and retrospect them to show constant improvement.

There is a Japanese art called Kintsugi, which is about fixing the fissures in broken pottery by filling them with precious metals like gold. If failures breaks you down, fill in your fissures with your precious learnings and grow more elegant than before. Let us treat success and failure alike and learn equally from them to grow further.