Why are management principles not followed in agriculture?

Answer by Sharmilli Priyadarsini:

Science and technology has done enough damages to agriculture and human health already, with inorganic fertilizers, genetically engineered crops and poultry, hybrid crops etc. We are still greedy to increase production by bringing the Engineering practices to agriculture amidst the fact that agricultural lands are destroyed due to the lack of the conditions to cultivate like unavailability of labour, lands turning barren, urbanization, poverty, water scarcity. Agriculture is an act of farming and Engineering is an act of building, the earth has been already facing the aftermaths of genetically engineered organic products.

Replying the edited question, If I understand right, your intention is to promote the management principles in agriculture to increase the production to meet the rising demands. Most agriculturists follow a set of proven strategies meticulously. They also revise their strategies periodically, implement risk management, get trained, provide employee benefits.

Strategies: They know when to sow to get the best harvest, They know what to cultivate in any season. They follow crop rotation to preserve the nutrients of the soil. In fact, they pay the salaries to the labourers in timely manner, even give periodic hikes and performance based benefits to encourage and retain them. They do provide loans and joining bonus (the so called “employee benefits”). Actually corporates do have a lot of things to learn from them on talent retention.

Risk Management: Who can do this better than agriculturists, If they have a labour problem to manage a portion of their land, they will outsource farming to someone who is capable of. If the monsoons fail, they look for alternative water sources like groundwater pumping, wells etc for irrigation.

Training: Do you know agriculturists get period training from the government of India on increasing the yield of the crops, preventing the diseases, educating on the soil nutrients and fertilizers etc and also introduces the new varieties of seeds and rotational crops suitable to the climatic conditions. Most importantly, they are educated on the machinery and tools that eases the work of the landlords that also cuts down the agricultural jobs. Governments do provide a fraction of investment as a subsidy and/or loan to the agriculturist for buying the devices but the problem is small farmers cannot afford to repay the loans due to poor returns.

Having heard enough of mass farmer suicides, government never cancelled the bank loans of dying poor farmers whereas it has been showing a lethargy on the “Big-Billion-Businessmen” who have committed frauds on large scale. The farmers do not need management practices, they also do not need corporate intervention in agriculture, that only will affect the livelihood of farmers sooner or later. All they need is enough awareness on the government schemes and support from the government.

Why do the management principles not followed  in agriculture?