The Oxymoron : Chasing the opportunities and learning to say “No”

Everybody wants to be successful. Success mean different to different people. But formula to success is always the same, seamlessly working towards your goal doing all the required justice. But for most of us, things are not always the way we wanted. There are people who wish big and achieve big after their hard work; there are people who wish big and achieve big due to some external factors; there are people who wish big and fail to achieve in spite of their hard work. Winning or losing is not the context of our story, but it is about making your choices. Of course,  about making the right choices.

Success ladder

The ladder to success

Nobody likes to fall into pits and everybody expects to own big things in life. But reality is different; Most of the people who own big things in life have crossed tougher roads than the rest. Those winners did not just made use of their opportunities but they chased and grabbed them even if they did not come along their way. There are people who try to make use of the opportunities available to them to prove their selves.  There are also people who close their shutters for the rare opportunities that come along their ways due to some external factors. So, it is the attitude that decides your altitude.

For being successful, we make plans, get advises, read success stories to make sure everything is in place to win things. Some says, to be successful chase and grab the opportunities and also, learn the art of saying “No”. Both sound like complete oxymoron. The oxymoron is the context of the post.

It is clear that one who chases and grabs the opportunity is the winner. So let us give a deeper insight of the art of saying “No”. We cannot and should not say to every risk that come on our way. Often the opportunities come hidden in the form of risks. So, take care while taking up a challenge or saying no for it.There can be many ifs before making your decision, not after making them. So, analyse the following factors before making choices.

  1. Make sure it is worthy to give a try  : Before taking up any challenge given to you, find out it is really worthy. Make sure it is worthy for your quality time and effort you put in.
  2. Make sure it is close to your passion.
  3. Analyze  the risks and ways to overcoming them: Do try to know the risks of the challenge you have in your hand and analyse the ways to overcome
  4. Analyze the aftermaths of your choice. The pros and cons: Tasting success in a fairy-tale ending. But know what comes on your way after the Win and act smart by putting yourself in the shoes of losers and winners.
  5. Prepare yourself to accept the consequences and failures on your path: Failure is not a bad thing and it gives you much more than a success can give. Learn from the failures. But it does not mean you can be liberal at the amount of hard-work you put.
  6. Associate your choices with your short and long-term goals: It is too close to the point 2. Be ready for the things those are close to your passion and have influence on your short and long terms. Because, success mean different to different people.
  7. Play big, if you want to win big: If you want to win big, always prefer to play big, running behind the opportunities instead of settling with small things.
  8. Choose the right path: When you have multiple opportunities in hand, go for the big one even if it is risky. As I said earlier, opportunities are often hidden behind the risks. Always remember, not to lose things in your hand for the things those are obsolete. Have a grip on what you are doing.

So, the decisions make the Winners. Learn to be a good decision maker, even when it is about personal choices, Be a winner!

Thanks for reading!!!


Giving up the most cherished – Have you done the deserved Justice yet?

All of us might have heard of the romantic and inspiring saying, “Nothing is Impossible, because Impossible itself says I am Possible!” . Hmm, as inspiring as always! But this is about the platonic side, Giving up your cherished dreams. Sounds too harsh and negative, isn’t it?



During our childhood, most of us dream of becoming an Astronaut, read science fictions and fly paper flights and rockets; most others dream of becoming a Doctor, and play with a toy stethoscope and needle less syringe; and few others dream of being scientist, and play labs with bottle filled with colored fluids and so on. Dreams are many.They may change from time to time. They may or may not come true. But they are always fascinating and cool. They give so much energy and confidence and bring about the most in you. Trust me!

Dreams always make us happy. We enjoy them and start working on them in the way we like.They turn too laborious after they get the “Goal” tag. The Goal always come with a deadline, which instantly follow the pressure. We often fed up, whenever the schedule is broken. In fact, when they repeat, we give them up and quit. So, why do we need the tag – “GOAL” ?

Draw a clear line in between your dreams and goals. Goal is not always about being yourself, but the dream is always you . Dreams cannot fail, since they do not have boundaries, timelines and hard coded rules to abide with. Never stop dreaming and put your best effort you can, in the journey of pursuing it.

So do not complicate your dreams, because they are your dreams and they deserve you and your effort more than anything and anybody else 🙂

Happy dreaming folks!!! and by the way, Happy Chasing too!!

How to inspire others?

Inspiration is the one word that can bring big changes to your inner personality and sometimes your external looks. I am very sure that all of us have our own list of people who inspired us according to our own interests. We tend to know and learn from people who got some attraction point and we used to call them our Inspirations.That attraction points will be our focus and the scope in this blog post.Let me brief about the ingredients of the recipe, “Inspirations”.

There are so many things,(good things,in deed) we need or develop within ourself before we try to inspire others. The unquestionable integrity, Clear flow of ideas, impersonal and selfless attitude, self-inspiration are the few things we need to adhere by default. It is always important to look for good things in people you meet in your life. To be very open, get inspired and inherit the good things we come across everyday. Being a better human is the most important ingredient, of course.


Be Inspired and Inspire

Learning makes a complete man. The more you learn, the more you are respected.Do not try to restrict your learning to the boundaries, instead expand your inherent borders. According to me,a good learner can reflect the society, the skills, the right judgements and a lot more better. After all, I am not talking just about being a book-worm 🙂 Learn from everything and everyone everywhere.


As I always say, Sharing is as important as learning that can double the joy. You can learn so many things, improve your selfless nature and correct your mistakes, when you share things with people around you.


Experience the joy of sharing

Communication and Presentation follows sharing! The most important thing, we can notice at our inspirational people, is their delivery of inherent skills. Add innovation and uniqueness to your final product. Whenever there is something or someone as good as you, innovation and uniqueness can bring the difference and make the impact.


Delivery makes the difference









After all, Impression is different from inspiration. Acting as if you posses the features could give you the desired impression and living the features could make you an inspiration, which cannot be demanded  🙂