Horizontals and Verticals in IT industry

I am here to talk about the difference between Horizontals and verticals of the IT industry. I could see freshers, who are confusing themselves between the horizontals and verticals. Let me clarify them through this blog.

In IT industry, we call the technical skills as horizontals and the domain knowledge (about the client’s business) as the verticals.Say for instance, Consider you are a .net professional and you are working on a hotel management project, then your horizontal is Microsoft delivery and your vertical is Hospitality; Consider you are a JAVA developer and you are working on a ticket reservation system for your client, then your horizontal is JAVA delivery and your vertical is Travel; Consider you are a SAP consultant and providing services for an Insurance company, your vertical is Insurance and your horizontal is SAP.Thus, the horizontal is the knowledge of software you are trained with and the vertical is the knowledge about the Client’s Business.

Some of the verticals in the IT industry are

6.Oil and Gas
7.Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
8.Financial (Finance)
9.Food and beverage
16.Real estate
21.Transportation (Travel)

Some of the Horizontals in IT industry are

1.People soft
3.Microsoft Delivery
4.Java Delivery

In short, Technology is to horizontal and Domain knowledge is to vertical.


22 responses to “Horizontals and Verticals in IT industry

  1. in 2nd last line u made a mistake….SAP will be horizontal n insurance will be vertical……anyways thankx 4 info 🙂

  2. Hi Sharmili, Thanks for information and nice explaination. Can you please help for the same explaination for ITES verticals????

    • Hi Bonita, When we look at ITES, all the IT verticals applies to it. Especially Banking, Software testing, Document processing, Website management, Telecomunication are major ITES verticals

  3. i am into a project wher we develop a email client application like outlook..So please letme know under which vertical it comes under?

  4. I have been looking for this simple explaination for so long. But i couldn’t find it anywhere on the net. Thank you for this! It is really easy to understand..

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