Childhood mischiefs

Childhood is the only no regret stage of human life span. The childhood mischiefs are the most cherished memories too. Steeling the neighbor’s pencil, eating the slate pencils, skipping the lines in the homework passages and sometimes the home-works :P, gang fights with classmates,forging the dad’s signature(Sorry dad, I am not that bold to confess it to you even today) in the answer sheets for scoring low 😛 and a lot more.I cannot imagine how mischievous I had been! Those silly mistakes often teach us valuable lessons to carry through our lives.I thought of sharing with my readers my unforgettable childhood mischiefs.

My nayna(dad) was strict gentle man and we people obey and respect him so much. On an evening. when I was around the age of seven, I came home after my tuition. My amma was telling one of our guests that my nayna was not home then.My Eldest brother’s voice and physic resembles nayna a lot. I thought my brother was sleeping on the cot and I punched his tummy till he suffer, asking him to get up since it was too early to sleep (I was too close and friendly to him then!). Later I realized that it was my nayna out of his usual stiff laughter! Geezzzz…. I thought I was finished!But he did not react over this later. I came to know that amma was telling the guest that he was not home just because nayna was taking some rest due to head-ache!

This time, the biggest sin ever! Santhosh, my younger brother and I used to fight for anything and everything. Santhosh(my younger brother) was in UKG and I was in Second standard at JAM School, Pannaikadu. He was brighter and better than me and always took an edge over me in his curriculum till his third standard. One day, we both had a usual long fight and I was waiting for a revenge over him. I came to know that he got his rank card that day and decided to seize it. That was the first time, we bought our washing machine. It was packed and even then, I managed to play with the buzzer buttons! I hide rank card behind the washing machine! I forgot the same as few weeks left without any question. One day, Santhosh’s class teacher called me and asked to look for his rank card immediately. We both left the school and we were searching for the rank card seriously. suddenly, the very sin came flashed my mind and so i looked for it behind the washing machine. The rank card was there and we brought it back to the school. Sorry Santhosh!

This incident happened when I was fourteen years of age. Again a rank card story! I started growing brighter and better as I grow. But accidentally , I did not meet the passing score in chemistry in one of the monthly tests, that resulted in poor grade then! After so many days of postponement, I managed to get it signed from my nayna, when he is rushing for some work out-stationed, telling him that I am ranked 3rd in the class (They followed grade system, S represent fail and the S on my grade sheet looked like 3!). Amma is too strict and scary, when it comes to education.That lie did not stop there! Whenever my monthly tests are over and the grade sheets come, I usually delayed a lot to get my rank card signed!and all other times, I managed to score D grade, that stood for distinction 😦 Poor kid’s sin did not even let her small achievements acknowledged by her parents that year! The end of the year was a great relief then!

There are so many confessions yet to make and lot of learnings made!


Build your own cloud with Eucalyptus

I want to have a reminder for myself and share for the use of others, those things i dug about building a private cloud using Eucalyptus. Through this post I have planned to cover the idea of Cloud Computing, Significance of building a private cloud, and finally about building the Eucalyptus cloud.

“Providing IT as a service through internet in Pay-as-you-go basis” is the crispiest defenition for Cloud Computing. Software-As-A-Service (SAAS), Storage-As-A-Service, Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IAAS), Platform-As-A-Service(PAAS) are the popular cloud offerings. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its Elastic Cloud Computing Model (EC2) model has occupied a huge market of IAAS to form the Hybrid cloud. Eucalyptus is a similar kind of Open Source Model that helps you to build your own Private cloud within your infrstructure.The major advantages of the private cloud are cost-effectiveness, high efficiency and security.

Eucalyptus stands for Elastic Utility Computing Architecture Linking your Programs to Useful Systems. The model is almost synonymous to the Amazon cloud and provide compatibility with the latter.








The Eucalyptus installation process is very simple.The Architecture of Eucalyptus constitutes of three layers, viz Cloud Controlers, Cluster Controlers, Node Controlers along with the Client side API translater. You can simply install Eucalyptus contollers to the machines in one click to form the three layers to emulate the private cloud. Find more about Eucalyptus and its similarities and differences with Amazon Cloud in the presentation embedded.

Another person, I am indebted to!

There are so many good hearts, who shaped me in the past and molding me every day into a better person( really! 😉 ). I used to express my thanks and gratefulness to those people in every possible occasion, I am gifted with. But still, i have left out one of those beautiful beings, who has changed my view on the society. I am very thankful to those talkative nights spent together. Her stories about the life in city and the way she explained real modernity helped me a lot in overcoming my inherent obstructions!
So many debates, so many discussions, so many agrees and so many disagrees involved in our talks!

She encouraged me a lot in finding my pace in GVG. It is her and only her, who gave me enough room to breath in the two years of misfortune! I was inspired by her clear flow of thoughts and the view of modernity. She always had a habit of appreciating people for their good that gave me the much needed inspiration to prove my real self!

My salutes to the kid from the garden city, who had been very flexible and adoptive! The pencil accident is something i am feeling sorry for, even today! Roopini, thanks for being on my side!

The darker side of the wonder

Being netizens, most of us give a lot of importance to the social networking and blogging sites. I am about to pendown the adverse things that can affect you psychologically and personally during this journey.

There are few things we need to be cautions about, before posting information on to the web! Remember, the traits you leave there exist forever. Make sure it is not going to lead you into troubles of any means. Don’t disclose your complete identity on the web that can become hackers’ apple! To be exact, it easy for anybody to use the information without laboring much. Selective and careful content posting on the web could make the journey plesant without a big pain.

Stay out of infamous websites! I urge, not even for the sake of experimentation. Those are huge loss for our productivity, divinity and discipline. I bring all the public chatting sites and porn websites into this infamous category. Morals are the most important characteristics that deserves 100% no compromise. Fight hard to keep your morals especially, on the internet.

Privacy is worth considering! I realized it when one of my friends said ,”what is the difference between your close ones and others, when you disclose everything about you on social networks!” Give it some thought.

Keep an eye on the time you spend on social networks. To be exact, spend time with your family and friends. There is no substitute for their love, trust and presence!

Remember and remind yourself, your ultimate goal and aim of life. That can always lift you from the pits. Internet identity is not a sin, unless you use it as a productive tool and allow you to preserve your self-control!

My wait for the periodicals’

Few people find it comfortable with full length stories and books, and few others, like me, feed on editorials, magazines and short stories. I am going to blog about my wait for the next editions of periodicals that drove me crazy.

It started when i was in kindergarten (if i remember right!) , my mother used to read for me from Siruvarmalar, a weekly supplementary with dhinamalar for kids. The range of stories varies from ancient history. India before independence, moral stories, facts and current affairs and so on. The curiosity has grown along with me through my schooling. The beautiful part about the weekly is the sections those hosted the pictures of unseen flora and fauna, antique crafts, precious gems and a lot more. I used to nag my mom for bedtime stories and challenge at dinners for the same, ever since an infant of five 🙂 Thanks to my mom for standing the mischievous me! Interestingly, I have never missed a fight with my dad for reading the newspapers  on Sundays 🙂
As I grow with age, i felt the warmth in the computer related articles came out every Monday as computermalar! Honestly, yesterday’s computermalar is more like today’s digit to me! It made me more practical than ever! I used to read in completely in a day or two and wait for the Monday to come 🙂 Thanks to the weekly for being my trigger!

How can I not remember the competitive me, who fight hard with Steena for the morning newspaper and the educationplus from Hindu! Opportunities column is also my favorite then!
Now, after coming to hexaware, the war is with the librarian for the digit. The sad part is i cannot barrow the current editions of the magazines and so i need to wait for a month! (by then, i will finish almost all the pages by reading from the library :p )

Computers, my soulmates!

I remember the summer 5 years back, a computer illiterate kid of 17, came out of her environment boundary to learn Microsoft office 2003, internet and programming with C. That was my very first time, i started to understand the potential of a machine that can create beautiful drawings,do those tough math problems and few more fascinating things. The fire and love for computers started there.In fact, i laugh at myself whenever i recollect my debate with one of my uncles, aggressively against the computers. Wondering how much i have changed drastically!

I find no big difficulty in understanding the concepts after entering my college. Digital computer fundamentals and Programming with computers are the two subjects in first year, i loved and i was being loved (by the subjects and also the lectures 🙂 )! That was the period of transition of my affinity from science and English to Computers. Though i did not own my own computers then, i usually dream at the hardware parts and fascinated.

The love and passion for computers multiplied and followed me when i owned my first laptop, LG X-Note with windows vista. Though there is a huge talk about the vista’s failure and bug banks, the beautiful User interface impressed me. I am someone who love to experiment things, especially gadgets. The curiosity grows exponentially after owning my lappy. Thanks to Dhinamalar’s computermalar, a Tamil weekly supplementary that came out every Monday. I am a crazy follower of the magazine that taught me a lot about troubleshooting software problems and updated so many things about the software releases. My parents are equally interested in collecting the weekly for me. My college’s wi-fi’s bandwidth is maximum utilized by me. I tried enough number of softwares with my soulmate, I read a lot about computers and even experimented with enough number of operating systems starting from vista, windows xp, ubuntu, suse, fedora, BOSS, debian, knoppix and few more on my direct hard-disk. Can you imagine, how crazy i had been! I made my lappy sick enough to make it unrecoverable! I remember a crazy conversation with one of my best friends, as follows:
“Shaba: what will you do when you have your kid crying next to you while you are working with your system!
Sharmi: i will take care of my kid once i am done with my computer! (Crazy punk)
Shaba:Then do one thing, don’t marry at all. I don’t want your kid and Hubby to suffer under the hands of merciless computer.” LOL :p
I cried and missed my computer as if i have lost my first love! That is also the first and last time, i shouted at my dad (periyapa), for not fixing my machine! Thanks to cloud storage with Google docs and adobe acrobat that have most of my syllabus materials collected for exams. Thanks to Suba for lending me her computer till i owned my new lenovo ideapad!

It was during January, i saw and worked with Apple and mac during my internship in IIT-Madras with my steena. Thanks to classle for the offer! I bought my new lap again in the end of February 2011, a day before my interview with Hexaware, that turned lucky for me 😉 now no more direct OS installations instead tasting the flavors in my oracle virtual box!
My first smartphone is also from LG! The experiment continues 🙂

How to inspire others?

Inspiration is the one word that can bring big changes to your inner personality and sometimes your external looks. I am very sure that all of us have our own list of people who inspired us according to our own interests. We tend to know and learn from people who got some attraction point and we used to call them our Inspirations.That attraction points will be our focus and the scope in this blog post.Let me brief about the ingredients of the recipe, “Inspirations”.

There are so many things,(good things,in deed) we need or develop within ourself before we try to inspire others. The unquestionable integrity, Clear flow of ideas, impersonal and selfless attitude, self-inspiration are the few things we need to adhere by default. It is always important to look for good things in people you meet in your life. To be very open, get inspired and inherit the good things we come across everyday. Being a better human is the most important ingredient, of course.


Be Inspired and Inspire

Learning makes a complete man. The more you learn, the more you are respected.Do not try to restrict your learning to the boundaries, instead expand your inherent borders. According to me,a good learner can reflect the society, the skills, the right judgements and a lot more better. After all, I am not talking just about being a book-worm 🙂 Learn from everything and everyone everywhere.


As I always say, Sharing is as important as learning that can double the joy. You can learn so many things, improve your selfless nature and correct your mistakes, when you share things with people around you.


Experience the joy of sharing

Communication and Presentation follows sharing! The most important thing, we can notice at our inspirational people, is their delivery of inherent skills. Add innovation and uniqueness to your final product. Whenever there is something or someone as good as you, innovation and uniqueness can bring the difference and make the impact.


Delivery makes the difference









After all, Impression is different from inspiration. Acting as if you posses the features could give you the desired impression and living the features could make you an inspiration, which cannot be demanded  🙂